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Good Thing I Am Not Working! May 14, 2008

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Whew!  That’s the operative word for today.  I met with the folks at United Physicians today (they are the group that helps keep me credentialed with the insurance companies) and I have realized it is a darn good thing I am planning ahead!  Even though I have been in practice for 15 years, I had no idea that the insurers were all going to need to do a site visit before I could be approved in my new location.  I also found out that seeing patients before the office officially opens may be fine but is unlikely to be billable.  No big deal, I would rather have the continuity of care and continue the relationships.  In some ways it is a bit of a relief since I am still boning up on the whole billing part of the business.  I will see folks as needed and if I can bill for the services (for non HMOs) I will try but not sweat it if it gets rejected.  The woman I met with at United Physicians was very nice but it is clear that I will need to stay on top of things and make sure that all gets done in a timely fashion.  I also have decided to contact a friend, Indira Misra-Higgins who is a dermatologist and just opened her office in the old Medical Village in Beverly Hills (where I got my start with BHP) and see if she is willing to let me ‘lease’ an exam room from her so I can have an ‘official’ home during the transition since the insurers will like that better.  I’ll keep you posted.  She is a great dermatologist by the way for all you teenagers and grown ups out there….

I talked with John Frey, my insurance guru, about the umbrella policy, fire insurance, and malpractice coverage and he is an amazing guy.  He will get me quotes in a day or two.  I also need a special coverage in case of a power outage to protect me from vaccine losses since I routinely will have $30K worth of vaccines in the fridge or freezer (now you know why shots cost so much!).  He rocks.

I also am getting rates from the Eagle to take an ad out and I am considering sponsoring the summer film series that is happening in Birmingham put on by the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition as a way to get the word out about the new venture.

My brother Chuck Doherty is also going to be occupying space with me.  He is a recruiter and is striking out on his own doing health care recruiting (he’s looking for a nurse practitioner for me for when I get really busy) and we had lunch together.  I love this guy.  He is a great man who shares his thoughts honestly, his feelings openly, and gives great guidance.  I am sooo excited to have him on my team.

Kevin is crafting my first marketing piece for a non-profit event we are attending on Friday at the Bank of Birmingham and he is really creative.  Nice to have him on my team too! 

Tomorrow will bring more excitement including meetings with my lawyer.  Woo Hoo?!


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