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Wait a minute (not hours)! May 15, 2008

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I just got the most interesting email from a mother of three who has been seeing me for many years at BHP.  She was thrilled that I am opening my own practice because she has been increasingly frustrated with the wait times at BHP.  She was seriously considering leaving the practice but we had developed a great working relationship.  One of things that most frustrated me at BHP was the fact that I wanted to schedule my patients differently and could not because the variations between the doctors’ schedules would have been too difficult for the staff up front.  I have a plan for scheduling that should dramatically reduce wait times.  I started doing it in an abbreviated way in the weeks before I left and it was working quite well.  Know that short wait times is something I am absolutely committed to. 

Let me know other pet peeves of yours with regard to coming to the doctor so I can do what I can to make the experience as pleasant and efficient as possible!


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