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And I thought my Mom was excited….. May 16, 2008

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Thanks to everyone who is spreading the word on my behalf!  I have had so many of you sharing my good news with your friends and families and neighbors that I even got an email from one of my daughter’s teachers who sees Maureen Kelly (an excellent pediatrician) but wanted to congratulate me!  Nice! 

I signed up with e-MDs for my new electronic medical record.  Here’s the link for you technophiles: http://www.e-mds.com/.  Brian McGrath (a 1984 graduate of Catholic Central) is the regional sales manager for this one and is a knowledgable and nice guy.  I will be going to Austin, Texas for four days soon to get my training.  As a techno-geek myself, I am looking forward to getting to know the system better. 

The other important person I met with today is Rob Farr, the President and CEO at the Bank of Birmingham.  He is arranging the financing for the build out and start up and happens to be the dad of three patients of mine.  When I was at the bank today (it’s on Woodward between 14 and Lincoln) I saw Amy DePriest and Maggie Courier who both helped get my accounts opened and have been really responsive when I have had questions (or panic attacks!) about the money. 

This network that is getting put together of patients and friends and supporters of one kind or another is amazing and wonderful!  Thank you!


One Response to “And I thought my Mom was excited…..”

  1. Go, Molly, Go!

    We are big fans.

    Dima, Maureen & Katya

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