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Spring has sprung…it’s time to run! May 17, 2008

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Last night Kevin and I went to a charity event at the Bank of Birmingham for the Community House Leadership Development program and had a terrific time.  The centerpiece of the event was a 20 foot model of the Titanic which was remarkable.  Never before had the makers of the Titanic allowed anyone to see or use the original blueprints to make a model so this one is truly one of a kind.  Listening to the story of how it was built, the people who had the vision and the passion to make it happen was amazing.  It is that sort of passion that I hope we all can find in our lives at one point or another. 

We hung out part of the evening with the Ronnisches and the Kelletts and got acquainted with many others.  Very nice!  We then went to the home of Frank and Capri Faga for a neighborhood social and enjoyed meeting some new neighbors and reconnecting with some old ones.  At both events we were talking about everyone’s kids and what they will be doing this summer…lots of variety.  One couple has a son at Michigan in the Engineering school and he likes to tutor math so I am hoping he will contact me so I can put his info on the site.  Many families will spend part of the summer swimming and playing tennis and golf which is music to my ears. 

I love being outdoors and have always found a way to spend as much time as I can being active and outside.  Some of you know that I like to do triathlons and this summer I am not planning any competitions since I have so much to do to get my office ready to open but in my practice life I hope to support and instill a love of being active in my patients and their parents.  I am planning to have kids’ fitness club at the new office that will encourage kids not just to play sports but to ride their bikes (with their helmets on), walk the dog, hike a trail through birmingham or even swim some laps for fun when they are at the swim club.  I want to reward kids just for making physical activity a daily part of life.  Going to the playground or playing a pick up basketball game, or just walking around the block are great ways for kids to remain active throughout the year.  My hope is to encourage not just the coordinated, team-sports oriented kids but the kids who are less graceful or even physically challenged to find things to do that are active and that they enjoy.  I want kids to have a passion for being active and engaged in a physical way with their world.  I look forward to sharing more about this program as we get closer to August and welcome ideas and input!


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