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Week 2: Demolition Begins! May 18, 2008

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This is a BIG week.  Tomorrow I am seeing my first family at home for a visit and meeting with my landlord and archtect to go over the build out schedule.  Demolition is due to start on Wednesday….wow.  I know what you are thinking, it’s already May 18th and you are just starting the build out????!!!  I too had a panic attack on Friday when I met with Frank Mancini, my architect, but he reassured me that all would be done in plenty of time for insurance inspections and furniture deliveries and phone guys and tv people to come in an do their thing.  Keep your fingers crossed!

The infant scale which I ordered online nearly a week ago still has not arrived so I scoured the metro area and found one at a Babies R Us which will do the trick until my official one comes.  I also ordered all my medical equipment about a week ago and none of that has arrived so I am borrowing stuff from a neighbor for my home visits this week.  Pain in the ….  I also ordered my new Fujitsu tablet PC on May 9th (!) and it has yet to arrive….apparently I must have ticked off the FedEx gods and am being punished.  I have learned a valuable lesson though and will order all my stuff for August very soon and just store it somewhere rather than be in this position come August. 

Sundays are great days for me.  Every Sunday morning my brothers Chuck and Tom Doherty and I meet for breakfast at Zorba’s on Main Street in Clawson and share the events of the week.  We have been doing this since last fall when Tom moved home from Phoenix and needed to find a job, I was increasingly unhappy at work and Chuck was trying to play social worker to us both.  It has been a great thing.  Since we have been meeting, Tom has landed an excellent job at St. Joe’s that is challenging and pays the bills and Chuck and I have decided to venture out on own.  Chuck has a ton of friends and contacts one of his old friends, who is a big wig at a boutique bank in Chicago, is hooking Chuck up with all the folks he needs to meet to recruit on the bank’s behalf.  Nice to have great brothers and great friends.

Yesterday I took a 4 mile walk and thought about the Wellness Center at some length.  I am planning on having everything from breast feeding supplies like nipple shields and breast milk freezer bags, to aprons and kids cookbooks, to shoe inserts and bike helmets, to kids’ starter garden kits.  I want to have a variety of things to encourage healthy lives and also carry a line of environmentally friendly “green” cleaning supplies to encourage a healthier world.  The Wellness Center will also have free information for families about local bike and hiking trails, local programs that foster a healthy life for kids, as well as books for sale to help parents raise heathly, well adjusted kids.  Let me know your thoughts about other things to include.

Today I also paid for my first ad that will be in the Seaholm football programs this fall.  Look for it!  I guess this cockamayme plan is going forward afterall!


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