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Good Friends May 20, 2008

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Hello!  I took a night off from blogging and believe it or not two people called to ask if everything was ok!  I guess my blog is reaching more people than just my mom! 

Yesterday was a very busy day and an exciting one.  I did meet with Suresh, my landlord, and Frank, my architect, and we went over the build out schedule.  My new office is on the fourth floor so the logistics of demolition are more complicated.  Apparently, a scaffold will be built and a boom crane brought in to take out the windows and put a chute up for the stuff that is being demolished!  The scaffold will be built this week and demolition will start late this week or early next week.  Woo Hoo! 

Yesterday, I also saw my first patient for a home visit and it was wonderful.  It was terrific to see the little guy (who shall remain nameless for privacy and HIPAA purposes) in his natural setting….plunking on the piano, pulling himself to stand and walking all over the room.  Nice!  I loved being able to maintain the connection with the family and be welcomed into their home. 

A good friend, Maureen Francis, called me yesterday.  She is a terrific real estate agent and a fascinating person who I have known since grade school.  She is a superb writer and has been keeping a blog for years and called to give me some blogging tips.  First, she suggested that I end each post with my contact info….seems obvious now but i never thought of that.  Next, she talked about how to improve my search engine ranking (I didn’t know anyone was actually going to be looking for me!) by mentioning certain key words like Birmingham and pediatrician and Molly and O’Shea and Wellness Center.  So I thought I would just write a whole blog and only use key words……just kidding of course!  Lastly, she suggested that I ask about web development on LinkedIn which I have joined but frankly am not quite savvy enough to use.  Soooo, feel free to ‘invite’ me to join your group on LinkedIn and maybe I will learn how to use it better!  It was great of her to call and if you want to read a REAL blog you can go to hers….she’s now on my blogroll to the right (at least she will be if I can figure out how to add her there).  

Today was another great day….and not just because the weather was GORGEOUS….I started the morning meeting an old, dear friend and that put me in the right mood for the whole day.  In addition, I saw four patients at home and met with two web designers.  I have a pretty clear idea of what I want for the permanent site and I am hoping to get the work on it started soon. 

At my last home visit, I got to see an extended family that I have known in many ways for many years.  One of the 5 ‘kids’ (now all adults and one with a wife and child of his own I was there to see) is a true inspiration.  I got to know her first as a patient when she was still pretty young and she was one of the first kids who I had the pleasure of watching take true control of her life in a really positive way.  She was heavy in middle school and I encouraged her to lose weight and get fit and within a year, she was playing competitive sports at the high school level, had completely changed her eating habits and was terrifically healthy.  She went on to not only get a scholarship to Harvard but has run marathons and is starting med school in the fall.  She has had some health issues over the years and I have been happy to consult with her and she has spent time with me in my office when she was at home too.  Wonderful to see her as an aunt.  Today when I was at her parents’ home seeing her nephew (a cherubic 12 week old), I got reacquainted with her mom who is an RN and worked in pediatric home care and the NICU for years and years and is interested in working with me at my new place!  We will talk more formally in the next week or so but just knowing her kids and through them her, she would be an absolute find.  I will keep my fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for Hilton Head to run a Practical Pediatrics Course for the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I love running these meetings.  I always learn a lot and the pleasure of putting it all together and seeing it to fruition is terrific.  Don’t get too jealous, I arrive tomorrow and leave on Saturday at dinner time and it is supposed to rain the entire time I am there!  Yuck!  I guess I will get good attendence at the educational sessions though…..

Ok, following Maureen’s sage advice, here’s my new sign off:

Eat, love, and play and everyday will be your best day! 

Molly O’Shea, Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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