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Good Side Effects May 21, 2008

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I am sitting in a massive hotel suite at the Marriott on Hilton Head Island having traveled here to run a three day CME meeting which begins tomorrow.  I got here around 1 o’clock and enjoyed the warm sun and the pool before manning the registration desk. 

With all the enthusiasm about this new venture of mine and the flood of emails and calls from well wishers, I am beginning to believe this will be a huge success.  Two people today gave me great ideas in their emails…one was to have the website include a ‘birmingham pediatrics community’ feature where members of the practice can post ideas, arrange to meet other parents with kids like theirs and just ‘hang out’ in cyberspace and another was to add to the ‘recipe of the week’ and allow/encourage submissions of family friendly healthy dishes that are popular in your own homes.  I love the idea of a virtual cookbook on my site!  I also love the fact that this concept which I had hoped would grow to more than just a pediatric practice seems to be taking off.  My hope of having an office focused on more than just treating illnesses and having an involved and energized patient base is happening!  One of my plans is to have a monthly Birmingham Pediatrics activity like a nature hike or a trip to the zoo or the Detroit Science Center or a visit to a farmer’s market that would be on the calendar and would be open to anyone in the practice interested in going along.  I also hope to sponsor a couple of 5 and 10K races and encourage folks from the practice to sign up on the Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center team and we can all run together.  An unexpected side benefit I am seeing more and more each day is the wealth of talent among the parents of my patients.  I am excited to learn about others’ businesses and hobbies and how I might integrate them into this new concept of a pediatric practice.  I am excited to create a Wellness Center with info and resources and connections on a whole host of levels and with the resources I am now learning about among the families who come to me, the Wellness Center will be a huge success.  Keep the ideas coming!  I want to help all of us grow and flourish together!

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD




2 Responses to “Good Side Effects”

  1. Jennifer Reaume Says:

    Dr. O’Shea, I absolutely love the recipe exchange idea. I am always looking for healthy, kid (& husband) friendly recipes. Eating healthier, home-cooked meals at our house has been my mission for quite a while now.

  2. Amy Says:

    For those of you with time (and some money) there is a place in Birmingham called “The Chop Shop Kitchens”. It is a meal prep store for healthy food. I go with my mother-in-law every month. It costs about $215 for 11 meals. (by meals it is the main/meat portion which serves a generous 6.) All the meat/meals are lean and healthy. You do the prep- you can add a little extra, or subtract ingredients to you and your families taste. My 3 year old and husband have loved everything we have made. You can divide the meals in two, thus getting 22 meals. My mother-in-law and I split the prep, costs, and ,meals. It is fun to do as well. Everything is set up for you and all you basically have to do is measure and dump ingredients. If you are a busy family (who isn’t) you should check it out- everything is freezer friendly- just thaw and cook. (usually throw in the oven or on the grill in the summer)
    Portions are generous.
    Check out their web site- I highly recommend it!
    You can see the menus and nutritional values

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