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drive by the new office May 23, 2008

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I got a call from Frank, my architect and the scaffolding is being built and the windows are out that need to be removed to accommodate the chute for the demolition debris.  Woo Hoo!  I will be returning home late tomorrow night from Hilton Head and will try to get into the building over the weekend and take some photos of the ‘before’ office.  Exciting!

I got exciting news that a good friend just found out he has been admitted to nursing school starting this fall!  He’s a terrific guy and will make an awesome nurse and this is something he has been working toward for some time.  I love getting good news!

With all of the suggestions for the website from all of you, I have a much better idea of the content and design.  It will be interactive, changing frequently and relevant.  Again, thanks to the mom of three kids I see, I am getting wonderful advice about setting up the site and it reinforces what a wonderful community of people I have within my work life.  I appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions and criticisms and advice.  If there is something in particular you DISLIKE about your experiences as patients in my office (or any other for that matter) tell me so I can design not only my website to meet everyone’s needs but the flow through the office, the way we answer the phones or talk with you, the way the office looks or feels….tell me your beefs so I can avoid as many of them as possible!  Keep the ideas comin’!

Eat, love and play and every day will be your best.

Molly O’Shea, MD



2 Responses to “drive by the new office”

  1. AMY G Says:

    Just checked out your web site! Sounds fantastic– Jeff and I are very excited for you!

  2. Amy Says:

    Just a few thoughts- the 2 main reasons I left my old peds was
    1. MD not taking my concerns seriously- Kaitlyn’s first “sick” visit was at nine months- I only had ever had her examined for well exams- so when I was concerned about an illness that was lingering, I brought her in. The MD looked at the chart- hardly touched kate and said “it’s viral- give her Tylenol” and left the room. Well as an NICU RN married to a ped, I pretty much thought- well no s#@t sherlock- plus I had waited 45 min to see her with a cranky feverish child. I had not taken her to Jeff’s office because I just wanted to be a mom- not Dr Jeff’s wife. SO, when jeff got home he examined her—- to my surprise, she had bilat ear infections, conjunctivitis, –adenovirus. I was not a Mom that brought my child in for every sniffle and sneeze, and to not be taken seriously really ticked me off- I know you would never do that though.
    2. I was pretty sure kate had another ear infection (she ended up needing tubes) a few months later. I called the office and they said if I could get there in 20 min- they could see me- great I thought. I dropped everything and brought her in- in 15 min. Well, 2 hrs and 15 min later, the Dr came in to a frustrated mom and a crying ticked off baby. (you can only keep a 10 month old entertained in a ‘sterile’ boring exam room for so long- as I am quite sure you are aware) I could only think, if you didn’t really have time to see me they should have told me and I would have taken her to urgent care or waited to the AM the next day- or I had the luxury of having jeff look at her when he got home, but i was trying to prevent him from being doctor jeff- and just be Dad. So as you know- my kids now go to his office. Now what about all those who don’t have a MD in the immediate family- waiting that long with a sick child was ridiculous!!!! and the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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