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in-house pharmacy? May 26, 2008

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Kevin and I have another business www.camprx.com where we provide prepackaged medications to kids at sleep away camps.  Through this business, we have gotten to know Jalal Zaweidah and his sister Amanda who run a local mail order pharmacy, DirectRx.  They run the pharmacy that fulfills the prescriptions for the campers we serve and do an amazing job.  When Jalal heard that I was going out on my own, he reminded Kevin that his wife is a family practitioner and he set up an in-house pharmacy for her solo practice.  Hmmmm interesting.  I have explored this possibility in the past and there are two or three national companies that provide this service but the problem has always been that the medications were paid for in cash by the families at the office and the families then had to submit the receipts for reimbursement.  The other barrier is that one of the ways that insurance companies ‘grade’ doctors is by assessing our generic use rate for medications.  Since the prescriptions aren’t run through insurance in the traditional way, these office-filled prescriptions don’t count toward my generic use rate and I would get ‘dinged’ from the insurance companies.  Jalal, since he is a local pharmacist and entrepreneur, is interested in finding a way to make an in-house pharmacy happen without these barriers.  Assuming that I could get a set up in a way in which your insurance can be used up front and I would give you the medications before you leave the office I am sure that it would be a big hit.  My question for you is this:  if you paid up front for the prescription but Jalal or I submitted the paper work for you for reimbursement, would you still want the service?  Please leave comments and let me know!

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One Response to “in-house pharmacy?”

  1. Ann P Says:


    Just found out today that you are starting your own practice & am thrilled to follow you. Even better that your new location is so close to our house!

    I love the idea of getting the prescription from your office but don’t know how it would work for us. We have a flexible spending account through Andy’s work that uses a Visa type card. Currently we just swipe it & pay nothing which I really like. Under the old system we had to pay first & submit receipts which was a big pain. I’ve never tried to do a reimbursement since we got the Visa so I don’t know how difficult it would be. Also, assuming that we wouldn’t need that many prescriptions during the year (thank goodness the kids are older now!), we could certainly try it.

    Can’t wait to see the new office!

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