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busy day May 27, 2008

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The day following a long holiday weekend was always a little hectic at the office and so I think I was still in that mode when I scheduled my day.  I had an EMR conference call scheduled at 9 am, a meeting in Farmington Hills at 10, a home visit at 11:15 in Huntington Woods, another for newborn twins in Sterling Heights at 12, a baby in the special care nursery at Troy Beaumont to see and then I was supposed to have three more home visits to round out the afternoon and a final one in the evening.  Lucky for over-achieving me, two of the three afternoon visits were rescheduled when the parents emailed this morning and needed a last minute change.  The third visit was on my books but I hadn’t gotten the confirmation email with the family’s address so I couldn’t go.  As it turns out, the mom sent her address info to someone else by accident which we discovered when she called wondering where I was!  I did see the little girl I was scheduled to see in the evening and then visited a close friend for an hour or so.  On my way to the evening home visit, I stopped by my new office and took a picture of the chute where debris will be falling as the demolition progresses.  I will post it tomorrow….

I am really enjoying the home visits.  Not only do I love seeing the kids in a natural setting but I also am getting to work a bit which I am finding to be a wonderful benefit….I miss the contact with the kids and their parents….

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best day!

Molly O’Shea, MD




One Response to “busy day”

  1. Karen D. Says:

    Wow! Evan had an appointment to see Dr. Robbins today and she told us the great news about your new practice. I am thrilled to read about all the new and exciting “innovations.” Hopefully, Elizabeth and Evan will remain healthy until your new office is up and running. But it’s good to know how to reach you, just in case. Congratulations!

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