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Apparently Neatness Counts! May 29, 2008

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I am by nature a messy person.  Not a grimy person but a messy person.  If you were to open up the passenger door to my car, you would find a baby scale, assorted pieces of paper and old receipts, a blue bag full of medical equipment, a striped laptop bag frayed at the edges, an old pair of running shoes, two empty bags from rite aid (or cvs I forget) and a purse that is for show only.  If you were to enter my dressing room at home, assuming you didn’t crack your head open tripping on the assorted shoes strewn about, you would find a collection of lotions and creams and make up and jewelry all little used but still there, jumbled in baskets and cases, along with a hairdryer, brush, an old deoderant stick and its replacement.  When I walk in to everyone else’s homes for the home visits I am amazed at the degree of neatness in each!  I don’t think I have ever in my life been in such consistently neat homes.  I am glad that the home visits aren’t generally at mine!  Here’s a message to all of you potential home visit recipients…DON’T CLEAN UP ON MY ACCOUNT!  I saw seven kids today for home visits and nary a book was out of place!  Toys were neatly placed in bins or were out of sight completely.  Are you people for hire???!!!!

Anyhoo, I am loving the home visits.  It is providing me with some structure to my day and a sense of productivity.  The families I am seeing seem genuinely happy to have me there and I am happy to do it.  If only I could make a living just doing these….hmmmm maybe……and perhaps I would even pick up some neatness tricks!

Eat, love and play and every day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD



One Response to “Apparently Neatness Counts!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Um, Molly? When I read about the home visits, that’s the first thing I thought about — count us out, because I would have to clean the house! Most of the uncontained junk is my little girl’s, but I confess that much of it is mine. I would much rather hang out with my daughter just doing “stuff,” than spend the little bit of time that I do have cleaning (much to my husband’s chagrin). It does get really bad sometimes.

    I just found out about your new practice, website, and blog from Kevin. Very exciting!

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