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Techno-geek May 30, 2008

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I admit it…I am a techno-geek, an early adopter, a nerd in slightly better clothing….I always have been.  In the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I learned computer programming at Lawrence Tech and that was in 1982!  We used punch cards and the mainframe took up a room the size of Rhode Island.  This morning I got some of my geek fix met by spending an hour with my EMR folks setting up my training and discussing my hardware needs.  I am really excited about the e-MDs software.  It has a place called the patient portal where all of my patients’ families can log in and see their child’s chart and vaccine info and growth curves, request referrals or prescription refills or appointments, and even send me an email that will integrate into the child’s chart.  Here’s a link to the info about the portal on the e-MDs site: http://www.e-mds.com/solutions/Portal/Portal.html.  I will be going to Austin, Tx for a week of training on both the charting and billing components of the program just after the fourth of July and I am really looking forward to it!  I am setting up the server in my house until the office is open so I can fool around with the software and make my templates and get used to every bit of it before the office opens.  Nice!

I got my next techno-geek fix when I met Diana Brown for lunch and we talked about website stuff.  She is going to help develop and manage the ‘community’ portions of my website.  We talked about polls and recipes and activities sections that parents can add stuff to as well as a community bulletin board of a type where parents in the practice can connect and ask each other questions and share experiences.  We also talked about the look and feel of the site.  She is terrific.  She works for e-prize (sp?), a company that does web-based rewards and marketing for really big companies so I am fortunate that she is interested in doing this little job for me.  We enjoyed a great lunch and will work well together.  Let me know more of what you are interested in having as part of the site!  I would love to integrate as many ideas as possible! 

After a couple of home visits, I met with my architect and builder and we hammered out some details about the ceiling and the lighting and the electrical.  He is ordering all the stuff for the framing which will start early next week.  He called me at the end of the day to say that the demo is well underway!  I am going to head over there tomorrow and take some more photos for the buildout page.  Exciting! 

I also saw a wonderful friend near the end of the day who keeps me smiling and happy even when things aren’t so good….thank you b!

Thanks to everyone who is reading this blog regularly (nearly 200 people a day now!) and for all the support!  I love caring for your children and am lucky to have such a great group of folks behind me!

Eat, love, and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD   Birmingham Pediatrics and Wellness Center



2 Responses to “Techno-geek”

  1. Say hi to Diana for me and keep on blogging!

  2. Gina Says:

    I would love to have a local site for reputable babysitters in the area. Those of us who don’t have older children, nieces/nephews, or even relatives in the area struggle to find that great neighborhood high school student to watch the kids for a few hours.

    Thanks for soliciting suggestions! We can’t wait to visit your new digs.

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