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Outta time June 2, 2008

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Mondays are busy days.  I always get a flood of calls and emails, I had six home visits scheduled and I talked to the computer hardware guys.  This morning when I left the house I was having a little panic attack since I had been unable to reach many of the insurers I need to in order to switch over my provider info.  Since I am now out and about doing home visits for nearly the whole day every day, I decided to call in the support troops and rang my mom.  She is great at this stuff.  She had managed the business operations for the ORs at Beaumont for many years and retired about 3 years ago.  She will be working for me come August and I decided to put her to work even sooner!  She spent quite literally the entire day on the phone with a variety of insurers trying to get the info passed along.  She still has more to do but is happy to help.  That is a load off my mind…..

Tomorrow I meet with my architect, the computer guys, my lawyer, a new patient and an old one for home visits and choose my floor for the new office.  Whew!  Even though I think of myself as a techno-geek, when I was talking with Mike my computer guy today about the phone system, the hardware and wireless stuff I will need I got a little lost.  Then when we started talking about the wiring for the TVs I was completely lost.  Talk about complicated!  I want to be flexible and have options of kid-appropriate stuff and/or scrolling info and photos on the screens.  I need to get satellite feed to the office and then divert it to a couple of different boxes and then the boxes to harddrives (if I understood him right, which I probably didn’t).  I want to be able to watch whatever I like in my exercise room and office but don’t want kids stumbing on Montel Williams or worse!  Tomorrow, Mike will walk through the plan with me.  Hopefully I will actually understand it by the end of the meeting!  One of the other things I am talking to him about is the possibility of a card-swipe check in where you can update any demographic info and pay your co-pay in one swipe of your card at a kiosk.  Thoughts?

Today was a long day and the even the Wings can’t seem to get everything done in the time allotted as they are tied 3-3 and going into overtime so I will sign off and hope tomorrow ends up having more hours in the day so I can get some more stuff done!

Eat, love, and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD   Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center





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  1. AMY G Says:

    Are you still using your sbc email or only your birmingham peds email?

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