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Ups and Downs June 3, 2008

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Not every day can be perfect.  Actually I am not sure ANY day can be perfect…but today was remarkable in its contrasts.  Today I had some fantastic things to do including choosing my wood floor for the office (java colored), the ceiling tile color (boring beige), and finding the right obscured glass door for the exam rooms.  I also met with the computer guys (Sean and Mike) who will have the whole office up and running on time.  We talked about servers and faxes and tablet pcs and scanners and printers and the flat screen tvs and wireless routers and T1 lines and I was really geeked about how this is all coming together.  I also had two home visits that were amazing…one with a new family and one old one which I enjoyed very much.  So what’s not to like?  Why is this not the perfect day? 

What made today far less than perfect was the fact that I had to give a someone dear to me some bad news.  Not the ‘you are gonna die in six months’ kind of news but it sure felt like that for both of us.  Giving bad news, whether it be something monumental like telling a family that their child has cancer or telling a friend something more pedestrian like you can’t meet her for lunch even though you planned it six months ago, can be very hard.  How truly devastating the news is sometimes doesn’t determine the difficulty in delivering it.  Sometimes the difficulty comes from the reality that what you need to share may change the relationship in ways you can’t predict and the fear of that is enough to make it really hard to say. 

Soooo tomorrow when you see your mom or sister or brother or dad or partner or spouse or BFF, give that person a hug and tell him or her you appreciate everything you have shared together and everything he or she brings to the relationship and gives you.  Then stop your silly blubbering and get a frappachino together.

Eat, love, and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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