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Life in perspective June 4, 2008

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Who of you has been to Oxford, Michigan?  I had never been there until today where I went for two home visits.  Talk about a cute town!  Even with the continuous fog and chillier than expected temps the charm of this little gem came through.  One of the kids I saw today is a child I haven’t seen in about 9 months.  His family moved to Germany on an corporate ‘tour of duty’ and throughout the year, the family has sent me wonderful emails and photos of Alex’s progress.  What a joy it was to see him today….he is now 23 months old and speaking in long sentences and even though he was awoken at what felt like 9 pm German time, he was a trooper.  Lots of families over the years have moved away of course and many have continued to keep in touch via email, sending pictures and messages which I love receiving.  I feel in some way like a distant relation, oddly proud and happy for each accomplishment and milestone.  I love the ongoing relationships with the kids and the parents.  I enjoy seeing everyone grow and change….parents and kids alike.

Today was an extra special day for my daughter Mairen.  She is a 7th grader at Derby and is an amazing and wonderful kid.  She recently received two music scholarships for summer music camp and lessons and Sen. Pappageorge and the school Superintendent both sent her letters of congratulations.  She was also recognized today at Derby’s honors convocation for her academic achievement this year.  What a treat that I could go and see her receive this award!

I also had the opportunity to spend time with three good friends today who each in their own way provide balance and perspective in my life.  One of these is someone I have known well for many years and who has always been a great source of not only support but a good amount of humor to keep me smiling even during the difficult times.  Another is a woman I have gotten to know over the last 5 years who amazes me.  She has three kids the same ages as mine and that is what initially brought us together but what sustains us has absolutely nothing to do with the kids.  She is a wonderful listener and one of the most open and accepting people I have ever known.  The last friend I met with today is one who is near and dear to me.  She is very good at seeing a longer view of life than I am and when I shared with her my sadness about sharing bad news yesterday, she helped me put it in perspective.  Wonderful.

Ok now for the nitty gritty….I am LOVING these home visits and the families I am visiting seem to love them too.  Brainstorm with me….how can I still make these a part of my practice life come August?  Give me ideas!

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center





One Response to “Life in perspective”

  1. Leslie Renne-Kegebein Says:

    What a joy it is to read your daily logs!!! I am truly touched by your sensitive and loving words and blown away by your courage to break out and take a risk on something you feel so obviously passionate about!!!
    A word about the sad news you had to deliver….it makes it so much harder to be the voice of the news and in some ways we feel the responsiblity and burden in a way we wouldn’t if we weren’t delivering the news…..I am sure the parent wouldn’t have wanted to hear the news from anyone else…take solice that there was comfort in your words.
    How nice you have such wonderful and giving friends! How nice that you take the time to celebrate them!!
    Looking forward to seeing you and seeing the new practice!!

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