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Potpourri June 6, 2008

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Computer hardware is expensive!  There is only one of me and a few staff people and yet I have to buy a system that a lot more providers and their staff would need just because it doesn’t come much smaller than that.  Luckily I had done a little research so when I got the sticker price for the hardware set up and with that same amount I could buy two cars (literally) I didn’t actually pass out on the spot.  That is where the bank comes in.  I have a great relationship with my banker, Rob Farr.  He is the President of the Bank of Birmingham and he seems incapable of sticker shock.  Nice.  I saw Rob today after meeting with the Mike and Sean, the computer guys, and he didn’t bat an eye.  Whew!

I had lunch today with a psychologist who I like and respect a lot and we discussed the possibility of her occupying space in my place on a regular basis to see families and help them through the rough patches of life.  She has some terrific ideas including integrating massage therapy into the office (now THAT is a good idea!).  Both of us had done some research about other private practice pediatric offices with in-house mental health support and how it is done logistically and neither of us could find anyone else doing this sort of thing.  In many ways that made me happy since I am really not doing very much in a conventional way anyway and this will allow the two of us to develop our own model; one that meets our needs and your needs.  I am looking forward to working more with her.  Let me know what services you would be interested in having provided in the office by a psychologist… the more I know your wants and needs the better the service can be.

Oh and good news…I have a mailbox at my new office!  You would think this would be easy but not so!  The building I am in has a mailbox room and to get the Post Office to recognize a new tenant took 2 weeks!  Who knew!  During this time, my business checks arrived and were returned to sender….AAARRRGGHHH.  The upside to that glitch is that I have gotten really good at online bill payment and realize I practically don’t even need checks at all. 

After school today, we swept the kids up and made a bee line for Cranbrook Swim Club and soaked ourselves in the pool to cool off.  I love being in the water….it is like little else.  The floating freedom, the muffled sounds when under water, the sense of sleek and smooth movement through the water are absolutely wonderful.  Maybe I was a fish in a former life.  One of the nicest parts of swimming is that the kids love it too and we swim together; we play and splash and goof around.  It encourages a silly and playful part of me and the kids love it. 

Enjoy the stormy weather tonight and stay cool over the weekend!  More build out pictures tomorrow.

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center




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