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Feisty June 8, 2008

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before the ride homeStormy weather put off the event I was supposed to attend today and I was ticked off.  I had worked my way up to being ready, armed with current event topics and humorous anecdotes and darn it, I had to use them with the kids and Kevin instead!  They were not impressed….apparently my sadness at Hillary Clinton’s departure from the race and my interest in her concession speech fell on deaf ears….Mairen is an Obama supporter and all the men in my family are voting for McCain.  I suppose I wouldn’t necessarily have had a better reception at the event today anyway.  I like a good heated discussion sometimes though and sadly enough my family has learned when I am luring them into a trap and avoids discussing politics with me when I am in a feisty mood. 

I have been in a feisty mood all day.  It started off with a long bike ride to Zorba’s for the brothers breakfast.  I was about 1 mile into the ride when I slipped my water bottle out of the cage and took a swig only to drop it and then ride over it with my bike spilling all the contents.  Not a great start to the first longish ride of the season but I picked up my bottle and cap and rode on.  About a mile later I realized I was really huffing and puffing.  Crap.  I had forgotten to use my inhaler before going out on the ride and the combo of being incredibly out of shape and the humidity conspired against me.  I coughed my way to my brother’s house and snuck up on my sister-in-law Amy as she was taking out the trash.  I didn’t intend to sneak up on her but she had the gaul to be walking out just as I was stealthily arriving!  I completely startled her but since there aren’t very many asthmatic criminals wearing bike racing suits and helmets, she wasn’t scared for long.  I borrowed an inhaler from my nephew Charley (thanks!!!) and went on my way.  I still arrived at Zorba’s before my brothers and had a chance to regain control of my breathing so that by the time they arrived I was just sitting there acting like nothing happened….that I just ride like this all the time…no big deal.  Unfortunately, when I attempted to get up after breakfast and my legs were so heavy and stiff that I sort of waddled out of the restaurant and my cover was blown!  The ride home was at about 1030 and by then the winds were really whipped up and man did it slow me down!  I did arrive home in one piece and with my heart and lungs intact but my face was beet red for about 2 hours and the reminder that I am not in shape yet for the season made me feisty too.

The afternoon at the swimclub was great but even there I found myself in a heated discussion with a most wonderful friend over the phone…..why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone today?????

So then when the evening became stormy and the picnic was cancelled I was annoyed…..the kids were sick of my contrarian attitude and so was Kevin and then the power went out.  Sometimes nature knows best.  Without the distraction of TV or internet, I found myself playing 20 questions with the kids and then reading a long time to them before bed.  Mairen and I did a crossword puzzle together and Kevin and I just sat and talked for an hour or so.  Hard to stay feisty with such a wonderful end to the day.  Oh and I made up with the friend I had the heated discussion with too.  Nice.

Now I enter the week of home visits and the end of school for the kids will a sense of calm and peace.  A good feisty mood later put to rest is a good thing.

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best.

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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