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Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy? June 11, 2008

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I have a secret to tell you….I am WEAK!  I mean really, really weak.  I spent an hour this morning at the gym with my good friend Liz Powers and she was trying hard to get a good workout in while I was content just chatting and distracting her.  I did ride my bike to the gym (and patted myself on the back for that one at least 15 times during that hour) and I would have to say that was the most work I did.  Liz wanted to do 30 minutes on the elliptical before doing weights and I pooped out after 10 minutes.  She kept going but with my yakking as I stood there staring at her, little beads of well earned sweat forming on her brow, she too caved in and we headed over to the weight area.  Now bear in mind there was a time not too long ago when I was actually sort of in shape.  I don’t mean bikini wearing shape but at least lift up the gallon of milk without whining shape.  Anyhoo, that was a while ago and when Liz asked me what I wanted to work on, I quickly answered arms and abs.  MISTAKE!!!!  You see Liz has actually worked with a personal trainer and knows what she’s doing!  We started with some freeweights and were doing stuff to work the little used muscles of my shoulders.  I was supposed to stand on this thing called a bosu ball and balance while lifting teeny tiny weights out front and over my head and who knows where but all I kept doing was falling off the stupid bosu!  I know yesterday’s blog was about being out of balance but this experience gave that a whole new meaning!  Finally Liz (trying hard not to laugh herself silly) encouraged me just to stand on terra firma and do these reps.  When in life would you ever have to balance on a ball while lifting something over your head anyway?  I didn’t feel so bad then when I figured that out and promptly did the reps, whining the entire time and attempting to distract Liz so she wouldn’t notice that I was cheating and only doing 10 instead of 12 reps.  Sadly enough for me she was watching me like a hawk and I couldn’t get away with it.  Darn IT!  She also had me do this thing where you grab onto two handles attached to pulleys attached to weights and face out (sort of like being on the rack but standing up) and then pull the handles forward and make a face like the Incredible Hulk.  I was really trying but my left arm just kept wimping out…..screaming things like, “what the heck are you doing??” and “we were perfectly happy wimpy, why change now???”  Eventually I asked Liz if I could just use my right arm and do these….apparently a VERY stupid question since she practically peed her pants laughing and responded that I wouldn’t want one ‘chicken arm’ and one ‘beefy arm’.  Of course that assumes I ever actually do this weight thing again and I didn’t have the heart to tell Liz that as much as I love her, I am not sure that meeting at the gym is in our future.  We finished with the Roman Chair doing a series of knee-ups with a ball between our legs and let me tell you that is NO FUN.  I don’t know exactly what water boarding is but this Roman Chair thing and the Incredible Hulk rack thing along with bosu ball seem great forms of turture and would certainly work on terrorists.  I going to send a memo to George W. 

After I biked home, feeling proud of myself for having exercised, I promptly at a cupcake and chex mix for a snack….hey I had earned it!  Then on my sugar and carb high I cleaned the house.  Actually I instructed the kids to clean the house while I vacuumed.  I figured what better way to celebrate the first day of summer vacation than to clean!  What kid wouldn’t want to do THAT to welcome in the lazy days of summer?  After lunch, the boys and I went to the pool while Mairen spent the afternoon at the library and Kevin did work for camprx.  I ran into Liz at the pool and thought about forcing her to swim laps with me to torture her but I got a sudden wave of laziness and didn’t even swim them myself. 

I indulged myself today…no home visits, only a few phone calls, wimpy and quarter-hearted attempts at exercise and lots of R and R.  A necessary thing for all of us at times.  Maybe I am not so weak after all….maybe I just needed a day to recharge and tomorrow I will attack the bosu ball and the incredible hulk machine and even the roman chair with vigor.  Or maybe, I will just turn over and sleep for an extra hour instead.

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!\

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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