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Screen (scream) time June 17, 2008

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It is nearly 11 o’clock and I have spent hours slogging away at this %$*# computer trying to input all the stuff that e-MDs needs to do my ‘Quick Start’.  Seems like an ironic name to me!  I suppose if I were really up and running and just integrating an EMR into the mix it would be easier in some ways, of course I would be seeing a full day’s worth of patients and still doing this stuff so maybe I should stop complaining.  I am asked to provide all the insurance companies’ claims submission addresses and phone numbers.  You would think that would be easy to find on the web.  NOT SO!  These sly insurers are apparently not interested in receiving claims for service (and who can blame them) so if they have the address on the site at all it is buried on the ninety fifth link from the home page and even then it never has both the address and phone number listed!  Just paying their webmaster to hide the stuff must cost a bundle and jack up insurance rates and lower reimbursement rates…of course if you can’t even find out WHERE to send the claim they are livin large!  In the midst of the search, my mom called and I gave her the job of finding all this info for the 10 insurers or so that I participate with (that’ll teach her to call during my one free half hour of the day!).  Anyhoo, that freed me up to input the top 10 pharmacies with addresses and fax numbers (had to call each one for the fax) as well as design my schedule for each day, put in my top 25 codes for procedures I do in the office (e.g. vaccines, blood work, the visit itself), the top 25 codes for things I order out of the office (xrays, cultures, etc) and the top 25 diagnoses I use to bill for these procedures.  Whew!  Not to mention all the other demographic stuff and info about the hospitals and specialists I refer to.  If this is the ‘Quick Start’ I am afraid to go to training!  Audra from e-MDs got a few emails from me today as I was doing these forms and she took it all in stride.  Finally I asked her to look them over before they get formatted and put into my system since chances are something is royally screwed up!  She chuckled and reassured me. 

I have great news!  No, no one yet has won the free home visit (although thank you amy, robyn, marian, and kevin for sending me ideas)….but there is real movement at the office!  I went today and visited Mark and friends and while they were jammin to hard rock music they were putting up the metal stays that hold the framing in place and I could tell I was actually going to have an office!  WOO HOO!  Mark (god love this man) has worked his kiester off and is going to get stuff done AHEAD of schedule even with the last start!  I told him I would have a party for everyone that worked on this project to make it happen on time and he was number 1 on the invite list!  I will post new pictures tomorrow morning since it is sooo late tonight and I am bug eyed from the amount of screen time I have had today….why don’t the powers that be have limits on screen time for adults like the kids have…probably because we are supposed to know when enough is enough.  Soooo enough is enough!  Good night!

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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