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Oinks July 1, 2008

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What a great name for an ice cream shop!  That’s where we ended up tonight and the nicest teenage boy waited on us.  Declan, my nine year old, is 5 feet tall but speech impaired and so it is sometimes really tough for him to get his point across.  Everyone thinks he’s in sixth grade to look at him and then he tries to talk and stutters and has trouble regulating his volume and it is clear he is a very young nine year old.  Most people assume he is mentally impaired or don’t have the patience to wait while Declan gets his statement out.  This teenage boy at Oinks was wonderful with Declan.  He patiently waited while Declan said, “May I please have a scoop of Superman Ice Cream?” and instead of answering in a condescending way he said, “You betcha!” and then told Declan that he did a great job ordering.  Declan then promptly licked his ice cream right off the cone and when it landed on the floor, this guy talked to Declan as he would any other nine year old, made a joke about it and got him a new Superman scoop. 

It’s easy in life to judge a book by its cover.  We all do it.  Every day.  Sometimes we are right and the cover depicts the book precisely but more often, the book cover is an inducement to read it and by the time you get to the third chapter, you discover the story has only a little to do with the cover you see.  Not that the book is bad, it is often much better than you expected, but different that you expected based on the cover.  It was refreshing to have a young man look past the cover of Declan’s book and not assume he knew the whole story.  Nice surprise.

Today was a day at the beach.  Our cottage is about a block from the beach and we walk along a wooded path that apparently is the mating ground for all the mosquitos on earth!  By the time I get to or from the beach I have at least 10 more mosquito bites.  Lucky for me, I am not afraid of pesticides and sprayed DEET all over me today and came back unscathed!  The water in the Lake is remarkably warm for this point in the season but as my skin got hot from the midday sun, the cool water felt wonderful.  The kids built fire pits and Conall and I took a long walk along the beach all the while watching kites flying and kids splashing.  Very relaxing.  While Conall and I were walking along the beach, we were talking about what items to put in the backpacks I plan to have in the office for the kids who come to be seen.  I plan to have bags arranged by age with age specific items in them to entertain the kids.  Conall is great at thinking of ideas.  Legos for the 5 and up crowd, mp3 players for the teenagers, the whole Harry Potter series, play tool and kitchen sets, costumes, cleaning stuff, etc.  It will be fun to outfit the bags.  Kids will be able to come in and choose their bag (they will be color coded by age) but each bag will have different age appropriate items.  The kids will return them at the end of the visit for the next child.  Conall can’t wait to help go to the store and pick the stuff out!  All three of the kids will work for me in some ways, Mairen will do some data entry computer stuff, Declan and Conall will work as janitorial staff (their choice).  They are all excited to work with me…we’ll see how long the enthusiasm lasts 🙂

I got an email from a woman I had contacted to see if she is interested in working as an RN with me.  She was recommended by Pat Demorest and it seems as though she is interested!  WOO HOO!  My staff is coming together!

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center





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