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Last day of vacation….back to work July 4, 2008

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Well there you have it.  The final day of vacation.  It was a little chillier and incredibly windy so the waves were huge.  We always make a bonfire on the last night and make s’mores.  Conall and Mairen had spent the week perfecting the firepit (a little OCD huh?) and were disgruntled each morning when we would return to the beach to find their work modified by the tides and the wind and other beachgoers.  Undeterred, they would dig away for long stretches of time each day making it just right and finally we used it.  Without this firepit there is no way we could have ever made a bonfire at all given the windy night last night so I am glad they had worked on it!  I am not a s’mores person at all.  Not that I despise sweets, au contraire, I ate about a pound of jelly bellies and a chocolate bar to make up for the fact that I wasn’t eating s’mores, but rather the gooey marshmallows leave me flat.  Plus I really don’t like having the crunch of sand in my teeth…inevitable with s’mores on the beach….YUCK!

A special ‘shout out’ to the Fey family that turned me on to a couple of terrific family restaurants in New Buffalo (5 minutes from our cottage)!  Yummy!

We drove home today and the kids were so happy and tired from the week away, there wasn’t even any bickering!  WOO HOO!  No one even got the DVD player out until we were about an hour from home.  Now THAT is a sign of a good vacation!  On the way home, I talked to Frank about how the build out is coming along and was so excited to hear that drywall was going up that I stopped there today and took some more photos!  They are on the build out page.  Along one side of the office is a wall of windows with fabulous light and views and in order to try and get some of that natural light beyond the walls of the exam rooms on that side, I have ordered diffused glass doors and an putting in high transom windows along the walls of those rooms and the ones across the hall to allow the light to filter through.  They are looking great!  On Sunday, Frank is meeting me at the space with the color chip samples of the floor, countertops, ceiling tile, and cabinets (all chosen) for me to bring with me to Austin in order to choose the wall colors….I will be choosing colors in the greens, blues, maybe yellows and pinks.  Fun! 

Other build out news is that I am nearly done with the insurance stuff so I will be able to be up and running on day one and bill insurance, I have my CLIA lab certificate but there is a little problem with my in-house lab it seems.  Apparently, you can’t do moderately complex tests (like CBCs) until you have taken a 20 hour course on running a lab or have been a lab director of a ‘waived lab’ for a year.  They seem to think that you actually need to KNOW what you are doing and not just wing it.  Sheesh!  I looked into the 20 hour course option and even though there are online options, I just don’t think it is realistic for me to get this done in the next 4+ weeks so I have decided I will send out those labs.  Lucky for me, all of the RNs I have talked to (and one whom I have hired) all do phlebotomy and work in the NICU where it is really tough to draw blood.  The one good thing about the send out lab option is that I will be able to order and draw everything at the office and then sent it to Quest labs where they will put the results electronically in the chart—NO PAPER!!!!  The downside of course is that I will need to let you all know the results the next day rather than at the appointment.  Nothing I can do about it at this point……

Other stuff…..I have been pricing the flat screen TVs and will be placing my order this coming week or so, I have to get my HIPAA and OSHA stuff together, I have lined up my insurance inspection for July 28th, and I have really started to think more about marketing/sponsoring programs/advertising.  It was a very thought provoking week!  I am also planning to order the book that every family in the practice will receive at their first visit.  It is a book that should help families wade through medical issues at home with confidence (and I am hoping minimize my after hours calls).  I will order them from Amazon very soon.  I still have the art work to get, the announcement to make (for referring docs and specialists only since I cannot send an announcement to any patients), and some forms to design that will be made available on the web for families to complete before their appointments.  Whew!  Good thing I am rested and ready to work!

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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