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The good, the bad, and the swampy July 5, 2008

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OK, I’ll start with the good.  The day ended with a barbecue picnic at the swim club with my parents.  The kids love the swim club and so do I.  We ran into Kathleen and Dahlia and their kids Itamar and Ayla and Kathleen reminded Mairen of a great story.  When Kath and I were residents at Children’s, we were at a huge Christmas holiday party at the RitzCarlton in Dearborn for the residents and fellows and faculty.  The dinner was served and there was a shrimp on the plate.  I am deathly allergic to shrimp and asked the waiter to to get me a whole new plate without any shellfish on it.  Apparently, he just took the shrimp off the plate and when I ate the dinner I started to have severe breathing problems.  I was croupy and wheezy and swelling and hivey and went out into the hall where the ICU attending (who we all revered and were completely petrified by) was trying to decide if we needed to call 911 when in swept my hero, Kathleen Moltz (now an attending in the Pediatric Endocrinology Division at Childrens) with her Epipen in hand.  The allergy fellow was there by then and Kath handed the Epipen off, but wait!  The fellow had no idea how to use it!  (GREAT huh?).  Luckily Kathleen was undettered, lifted up my skirt and shot me full of epinephrine in the thigh.  She quite literally saved my life.  Thanks Kathleen! 

Anyhoo, the dinner was terrific and my parents loved hanging out with the kids.  We had gourmet fare: hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie dogs.   I snapped a few shots of my employee (my mom Katie), my dad (Vic) and the kids.

Now for the bad….while we were on vacation, Skittles was at Doggie in the Window, an amazing kennel in Berkley.  He loves it there and the staff is wonderful and loving.  The only down side is that he comes home smelling not just like wet dog but like 15 wet dogs!  Stinky!  Lucky for me, Kevin was in the mood to give him a good, long bath and now he only smells like one wet dog.  What is it about dogs that makes them so incredibly cute and lovable until they breathe on you?  Be glad I don’t have ‘smellavision’!

Last, but certainly not least, the swampy.  Every Saturday the kids go riding out in Rochester Hills for an hour.  Today, while they were at their lesson with Kevin watching, I went off to do a home visit in Oxford.  The visit went well (the baby is growing wonderfully and the parents are so relaxed and enjoying the new addition to their family) and then I headed back to the riding stable.  On the way back, I passed the driveway to the stable and started to do a U-Turn.  I got about 3/4 of the way through it and found my car stuck on the side of the road….apparently the shoulder on the east side of the street isn’t actually grass as it appeared but a swamp!  yes a swamp.  my front passenger tire was stuck 3/4 of the way up in mud.  I tried to rock myself out and succeeded in getting more stuck.  I then had to swallow my pride and go and get Kevin for help.  He was NOT happy.  We tried pushing it out and tried putting some plywood under the wheel and nothing worked….finally I had to resort to calling a tow truck.  We were waiting (the lessons long done) when the nicest Oakland County Sheriff Deputy drove up behind me in the van to make sure all was OK.  That’s when I had a heart attack!  You see I am a really bad driver…I mean REALLY bad.  I have points up the wazoo and totaled a car in January.  He sidled up to the driver’s window and I asked if this was a ticketable offense and he laughed out loud and said, ‘Not unless they give tickets for stupid driving and lucky for you they don’t!’  We both laughed and then about 30 minutes later when the tow truck still had yet to arrive, he tried to pull me out of the mud using some sort of tow rope and it worked!  Good thing too since it was getting dangerously close to barbecue time!  Whew!  I have a big job on tap for tomorrow though…I have to wash the car which is covered in mud.  The boys want to ‘help’ so we will be sure to wear our bathing suits!

I had hoped to get the TV order in today but with the whole swamp thing that didn’t happen.  Tomorrow…..

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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