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The Walls are In!!!! And I have a winner! July 7, 2008

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The walls are in!  Woo Hoo!  The sound proofing insulation is going in tomorrow and then the other side of the walls will be done!  Amazing!  Mark (below, left) has worked his butt off (and he didn’t have much butt to start with) and my architect/builder Frank (below, right) is really coming through! 

We spent an hour or so at the space going through each room and making sure things were right and also spent some time mapping out the placement of the reception desk.  ‘Reception desk?’ you say.  That’s right I have gotten the reception desk problem solved and Kevin O’Shea has won a free home visit!  I must admit when I told him he had won, I discovered he was not only unimpressed (he gets home visits all the time) but apparently doesn’t even read my blog!  He had no idea he was in the running!  SURPRISE!  We mapped out the placement since the electrician has to drill through the floor tomorrow to bring electrical to the area.  There are a few more photos on the build out page (the last few for a week since I am in Austin).

Promptly at 445, Pat Demorest and her husband Mark arrived to pick me up to head to the airport for Austin.  I loved the ride there, sitting in the back of Mark’s luxurious car, as we chatted about Mark’s work a bit (he’s a lawyer who also struck out on his own and has never looked back) and how similar we are in our approach to work.  We were discussing how it actually is a bit more stressful to be away on vacation and not have access to our clients/patients.  We know all sorts of stuff is happening and since we are both kinda anal, we want to be in the mix.   Now I am not trying to encourage all of you to wait until I am on vacation to have your kids get sick or get arrested or get into Harvard and need to share this info with me, but know that if there is a real need, I don’t mind still being in touch when I am away.  Mark is the same way.  Pat will be a good fit for me then since they have been married for a long time, have 5 grown children and still like each other!

On the flight to Austin, while I was STARVING TO DEATH since NWA no longer serves ANYTHING on the flight, I chose the paint colors for the various areas in the office.  Remember, the floor is Java colored wood and the ceiling is boring biege as are the cabinets.  The counter tops are a granite look alike with dark browns, some greens and blues and pinkish beiges.  I have always liked color so for the reception area, the Wellness Center will be in ‘Asparagus’ or ‘Lime Green’ and the other walls will be in ‘Lazy Daizy’ yellow.  In the hallways throughout the office, blues will reign in three hues.  The main hallways will be in the lightest shade (‘Touch of Blue’) and the alcoves with the scales will be slightly darker (‘Viva la Blue’) and the alcoves with the sinks will be in an ocean blue (‘Overcast’).  The exam rooms, billing center, kitchen and extra office will be in one of three colors: ‘Lazy Dazy’ yellow, ‘Sand Fossil’ a brownish taupe, and ‘Italian Fresco’ which is a light pink.  The lab will be in the ‘Overcast’ blue as will my exercise room and shower, and my brother’s office and my own will be in ‘Viva la Blue’.  I am getting REALLY excited!

But now it 1130 Austin time and I have EMR training tomorrow….at 8 am.  Soooo as excited as I am, it is time for sleep.

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “The Walls are In!!!! And I have a winner!”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Love the color scheme. It’s going to be beautiful. I have been telling Frankie not to get sick until you’re in. So far, so good.

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