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The final day in Austin July 11, 2008

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Yesterday was a long and arduous day.  My mom and I were in training sessions about billing out claims in my EMR and it was frustrating.  Our trainer was incredibly knowledgable and very nice but not good at teaching us the nuts and bolts of the system.  So many were dissatisfied that several people spoke to our trainer’s supervisor and she decided to step in and take over the teaching today.  What a difference!  She was terrific.  We were navigating the system and entering patients, insurance, guarantors, creating invoices with charges and codes and fee schedules, adjudicating claims once the payment was remitted from the patient or insurer and running reports to see if we did it right.  Whew!

Throughout the last two training days I have also been fielding calls from my architect, my Ikea contact person and my kids.  There are many decisions to make and tasks to complete and things to buy in the coming weeks and I have to talk ASAP with my vaccine reps to get my orders in so I will have vaccines available to administer come August 4th.  I also have to get my clinical supplies bought and delivered, my office supplies bought and delivered, my EMR up and running at the office, my furniture delivered, and my books purchased for the families.  I also need to set up my phone system, order prescription pads and letterhead, buy stamps and claims forms (since I won’t be doing electronic billing right away).  I have to buy the TVs, appliances, and artwork.  I still have to get my new employees paperwork done (and mine too) so we can all get paid.  I know I am still forgetting about 50 things…..

Anyway with that laundry list of remaining tasks, I will be returning home tomorrow for a brief respite before heading out again on Wednesday for my last trip for a long long time (thank goodness).  My mom and I had a terrific dinner at a little Italian place in a very chic outdoor mall called The Domain.  The restaurant was beautiful and the food terrific.  Here are a couple of pictures from there.

Off to bed since I will depart for the airport at 630am…..

Move, nourish, support, and love and each day will be your best.

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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