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Reconnecting July 12, 2008

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Ahhh Michigan.  Nice to be back home!  I got home in the mid-afternoon and Skittles (far left) was the only one home to greet me.  The kids were all at riding so I had a chance to glance at my mail and get a load of laundry running.  When the kids got home, they each had a little gift for me: a card and a present.  Mairen made me a pair of earrings and also bought a matching earrings and necklace set.  Beautiful.  Declan made a homemade card and gave me a package of Smarties.  Yummy. Conall used his own money and bought a cookbook for me (and for the two of us to share) along with some laffy taffy.  So nice!  

Kevin needed a well deserved break and the kids and I headed to the Creative Arts Studio in Royal Oak where we each painted some ceramic pottery.  It was a wonderful way to reconnect.  While we were painting away we were chatting and sharing information from the week.  Even though we had talked every day, there is no way to communicate everything and this was a great way to reenter my life at home.  We then went to Comet Burgers for some milk shakes and junk food before heading home.  Declan and I are watching Spiderman 2 now and soon I will be off to bed.  

Tomorrow brings ABC Warehouse and other stuff on the to do list but this evening was for the kids.

Support, laugh, love and share and each day will be your best.

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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