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The To-Do list is getting shorter and longer at the same time! July 14, 2008

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Gotta love Mondays.  You know how it is, you spend the weekend goofing off and enjoying life and then at about 10 pm on Sunday night you start cursing when you remember those little tasks you had hoped to complete over the weekend.  Then you start to make THE LIST.  Being a techno geek, I had already downloaded the new iphone software on Friday (the day it came out) and added an application called Jott which is an electronic To Do list maker that has voice recognition along with typing as ways to make the list.  Last night I made THE LIST.  It had at least 40 things on it, prioritized and categorized and boy did it look GREAT.  This morning I awoke early to tackle that list with the enthusiasm only Monday morning can bring and when I turned on my phone and tapped the Jott icon NOTHING happened!  CRAP!  I went online and tried to troubleshoot the problem, emailed support at Jott, and spent a good hour of my day trying to retrieve my lost work to no avail.  As all good geeks do, I spent at least twice as much time trying to recover the lost info than I would have to just recreate the list, which I ended up having to do anyway.  ARGH!  Now you think to yourself, did she actually use Jott to make the list again?  Of course!  As all good geeks know, just because something didn’t work right the first (or fiftieth) time, you still have faith and push on.  Good news now….IT WORKED!

After that hour of wasted time was finished, I called Jack Foley Medical Supply company to order the humungous list of stuff I need to open up in August.  Dee was terrific.  I ordered all the stuff I needed and that only took another hour.  By now, the kids were sort of antsy (read climbing the walls and picking fights with each other) so I took a break.  After a little break, I had to leave for a few meetings and Conall decided to come along.  I warned him these were ‘grown up’ meetings and that he would be bored but along he came.  We started by dropping off my tablet pc at the office for the computer guys to load the e-MDs software and discovered that a friend of my brother Chuck’s and his wife, daughter and son-in-law were doing the final drywalling!  COOL!  

Next we headed to Royal Oak to meet with Tim and Christopher at Skidmore to discuss the final colors and look of the business cards and logo, talk about the site map for the website and have lunch from Pronto which is just down the street.  YUMMY.  As I have said before, Tim and Christopher get me and what I am trying to do and the site map they have done is just right.  The home page will not be cluttered but will have some details about the office and a direct link to the database with all of the health info that I am linking to (so if you wake up at 2 in the morning and can’t remember the dose of tylenol and have misplaced the book I give you on your first appointment you can quickly look it up).  Then the interior pages will have general info about the office, a Health + Wellness section with info written by me and links to articles.  You will have the opportunity to add to the ‘blog’ of sorts too with comments and/or suggestions or remedies that you have found that work.  I will screen the comments to make sure that the comments are appropriate and not potentially harmful before posting them but I am really looking forward to the ‘community’ that will be built.  You can put questions in as well that we can ask the group and get feedback.  

Another page will be the Live + Share page with recipes, hikes, activities, community resources and lectures and I will welcome your additions to this area as well!  I will include in that section my more whimsical blog entries and will have a community calendar of events that you can add to by sending in the info (which I will screen) and then add to the calendar.  I hope to have everything from the area high school plays and some sporting events to lecture series info and group activities I will plan and host.  Fun!

There will also be a page that will link to the Patient Portal where you will be able to make appointments, email a question to me throughout the day or evening, request a prescription refill or a referral, and update your demographics.  You will also be able to access certain parts of your child’s chart…the vaccine record and growth curves for sure will be available.  I will be able to send you lab results, health info and any forms that you need (including notes for school and work explaining absence).  You can also pay your bill online and access your bill to review.  At your first visit, I will have you sign up to allow me to communicate with you.  It is incredibly secure and firewalled.  e-MDs has made it impervious unless you have both permission and a username and password.  Very safe!  

Lastly there will be the contact us section with the usual non-encrypted ways of getting a hold of us.

After that incredibly productive meeting, Conall and I headed to Kinko’s to fax some stuff (checked those items off the list) and met with John and Pat from Dynamic HR to discuss more payroll stuff.  All I have to say is health insurance ain’t cheap!  For now I guess I am glad I don’t have any full time employees!  

Conall and I made one more stop at the office and snapped some pictures of Al, Miguel and Scott (from left to right above) working hard!

Share, support, and laugh and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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