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habitrail July 22, 2008

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I know, I know it doesn’t look exactly like me but it sure feels like me!  I am on an endless wheel running but not really getting anywhere.  I liked this image because it at least implies that the energy the little hamster is expending is being used to run the computer motherboard below and that is my hope….that all of this energy and running around these days will reap benefits when I can finally rest and actually practice medicine again.  

The days now are filled with phone calls to and from Frank about everything from the sinks and countertops (going in today) to the tvs and appliances (still waiting) to paint colors and ceiling tiles, phone calls from my lawyers about start up stuff, and a ton of families calling for August appointments.  In addition to that, I have to set up my lab relationships, order vaccines, finish getting the art work for the office, write all of the content for the website, make the financial agreement and HIPAA forms for the office (you would think these could just be bought somewhere but I can’t seem to find them anywhere), edit the handouts that families take home from the office at their child’s well visit, get my biohazardous waste removal system up and ready, coordinate the ikea delivery (tomorrow!), get prescription pads made, get signs for the office made, order all the stuff for the Wellness Center, make fridge temp and medication logs for the office, order the special scales I wanted but keep forgetting to order, buy a good copy machine, get the billing forms I need, and make sure that I have cake and dinner for Kevin’s birthday on Thursday.  

Lucky for me, Kevin has taken over the art work and the activity packs for the kids who come into the office, bought the trash cans and is willing to do more.  Lucky for me, my mom has checked with all of the insurers and I am on board with them.  Lucky for me, I have Mairen putting all of the pharmacies with their fax numbers into the EMR so I will be ready on day one to fax your prescriptions.  Lucky for me I have all of you offering to help assemble furniture or plan an opening party or sending your good wishes and making appointments.  Lucky for me I have support from e-MDs in the form of Sandy who, despite my inability to even call her back, has reached out several times to make sure that the software is working well for me.  Lucky for me, I have the soundtrack from ‘Mamma  Mia’ to blare and sing to in the car as I drive all over town.  Love that ABBA music!

Despite all the busy-ness (or perhaps because of it) I did a home visit today to remind myself what I love to do.  It really was wonderful to listen to a child and her mother, figure out what is going on, and actually help someone.  Very very nice.  It reinvigorates me and gets me excited about seeing all of you in less than two weeks!

I can’t wait to trade in the metal wheel of constant motion for a different challenge…YOU!

Simplify, share, work, and remember where you can find joy in life and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “habitrail”

  1. Kelley and Doug Smith and Crew Says:

    You continue to amaze all of us. Remember that you are one woman – one incredible woman – but, none the less, one woman. We can’t wait to see you in your new office. Thank you for the NUMEROUS visits from my three kids over the past 13 years!! You are truly our inspiration. Remember us little people as you become more and more of a superstar!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for everything.

    Kelley, Doug and Crew

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