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Happy Birthday to Kevin! July 24, 2008

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Did you know that if you sing (or play) the ‘Happy Birthday’ song on TV or in a movie or on the radio that you have to pay a royalty fee?  Anyhoo, that’s the reason I didn’t record the festivities at our house tonight for the birthday boy…Kevin!  The kids had made him some creative ceramic pieces a couple of weeks ago and the unveiling was today.  Kevin loved his gifts.  I had made a really cute photo album on Snapfish.com commemorating our vacation to Union Pier this summer and he really liked it.  

You gotta understand Kevin….he’s incredibly creative and interesting and well read and organized and a great parent and he is one of the hardest guys to get a gift for.  He likes whatever I give him, but I always wonder if it is the ‘right’ gift.  His hobbies are reading and writing and painting and interior design but since he reads so voraciously I never know what he has already conquered.  Lucky for me this year the gift seemed right on the money.  Kevin is helping design and decorate the office and we spent the morning at Ikea getting the pillows and step stools and throw rugs and extra chairs and while we were there, Kevin got some new furnishings for his home office too.  Very nice!  

I still didn’t make it over to the office today so tomorrow promises to be a real eye opener for me.  According to Frank, the floor is going in, the painting is nearly done, the sinks are in, many of the cabinets are in, the doors are in, and the phones are in but we didn’t pass the mechanical inspection so the ceiling can’t be finished until it is re-inspected.  That is going to put off the inspection I had planned on having on Monday.  I will call Mary and see if she can do it later in the week…..can’t have everything go exactly as planned….this won’t put off the opening though!

Saturday will bring a huge delivery from ABC Warehouse (a huge thanks to Mike from the ABC on Rochester) including all the flat screen TVs and mounting brackets, 4 fridges, 1 freezer, dishwasher, coffee maker, and toaster oven.  Sunday is the first Ikea furniture assembly day so the office will actually start looking like an office very soon!!!!  I have had offers from several of you (thanks!) and may have a ‘pretend you’re Bob the Builder day’ later in the week and have some helpers come in to finish the assembly if I can’t seem to get it done.  Lots of pictures to come!

Hammer, sing loud, and wear comfy clothes and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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