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Suite day! July 25, 2008

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Tim, my web and design guru. Goran and Adam, electricians extraordinaire!


Today was the first of many days that I will spend at the office….and I LIKED it!  I met Tim Smith from Skidmore there first thing and we discussed signs for the wall, the doors and the lobby.  He also showed me an actual draft of the announcement I will be sending to the doctors who refer patients to me and to whom I refer patients and it is FANTASTIC.  The blues and greens on the card are wonderful and I just love the text.  His crew is a very talented bunch!  On that note, those of you who have gone to the website today have seen the new placeholder page.  It has the logo, the same text as before but no graphics.  The real site will be up and running soon!  Woo hoo!

While I was at the site this morning, the place was abuzz with activity.  The electricians, Goran and Adam were there with their crew, the fire suppression guys were there finishing up their little changes needed by code, the painter was there (god love that man since I decided today that I couldn’t abide the pink in the billing office and he painted over it with a smile on his face), the window guys were there putting the windows back in where the chute went out to the dumpster, and just as I was leaving for the morning, the cabinet and countertop guys were arriving.  It was like Extreme Makeover, Home Edition!  Trades on top of trades!

In the early afternoon I returned to meet with the phone guy, Brian, who is terrifically knowledgeable and nice but had a bit of a hard time dumbing down the system for me.  I brought the manual home….I will read it while he is on vacation next week and then he and I will meet at 7:30 am on August 4th (opening day!) to work out the kinks.  I also saw Frank and the plumbers along with all the other folks already there.  The suite is looking great!  See the buildout photos for an update.

After picking up the boys at camp, Conall rode his bike up to Mills Pharmacy to drop off a prescription for a patient (he loves the independence) and then we all went to The Heathers with my parents for dinner to celebrate Kevin’s birthday.  The meal was terrific and the views divine.  What a nice way to end a very busy week.

Eat, love and play and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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