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WWWAAAHHHHHH! July 31, 2008

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Time flies when you are having fun and a fun week we have had.  Fun, of course is relative, and there are many kinds of fun.  Calm fun, like the fun you have as a parent watching your child on the playground, wild fun, like watching your child go on a slip and slide, and crazy fun, like going on a super huge roller coaster ride with your child at Cedar Pointe.  Well this week was CRAZY FUN!  The roller coaster of a build out is like no other….this week, we failed inspections, then worked all night to get it right, then had to hire a fire alarm company to come in and completely redo the fire alarm alert system, then had the kitchen cabinets arrive 3/4″ too high for ADA compliance and had to tear them out and cut them down to size and replace them, then found out that the special order ceiling tiles we ordered two months ago weren’t all going to be ready on time and had to cobble together a plan for about 10% of the ceiling, realized Ikea hadn’t delivered the drawer fronts for the cabinets, that Direct TV is delaying our installation despite the fact that we had the contract signed weeks ago, and that the reception desk issue remains a tough nut to be cracked.  As if that wasn’t enough, when my electrician was in today for his final day of work (he’s going out of town tomorrow) he had to turn off the electricity to the suite for a long time while he tried to put the electric meter in but kept getting abnormally high voltage readings from the transformer.  I found out just after 4 pm today that the transformer was going to need serious attention or I would ruin all of my servers, fridges, etc.  CRAP! When I got the call, I had taken Mairen to the pool for the first time this week (she has been holed up in our house or in the assembly area of the suite slaving away) and I decided that getting out of the pool to dash and get the $40,000 worth of vaccines that had arrived today out of the fridge could wait a half an hour.  Lucky for me, I got a call again about a half an hour later explaining that it was the METER not the TRANSFORMER that was the problem.  WHEW!  So on the electrician went and the schedule start date for Monday remains a GO!  Woo Hoo!

In the midst of the week, I have seen a few kids whose illnesses and/or injuries just couldn’t wait until Monday and what a treat that was!  I do enjoy what I do and this roller coaster of a ride will be coming to an end soon and a new sort of fun will begin.

A special thanks to all of the crew who have worked their butts off to get the office ready for Monday including Mark, Miguel, Scott, Katie, Pat, Tim, Christopher, Kevin, Mairen, Conall, Declan, Frank M, Brian, Goran, Adam, Mike, Nic, Chuck, Tom, Jenny, John, Rob, Frank O, Jack, and the folks at e-MDs (Audra, Adrienne, Bonnie, Sandy, and Terrance). 

Happy Thursday everyone….4 days to go!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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