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the final night and the new phone number! August 3, 2008

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With no air conditioning and no windows that open, it was another hot day in suite 400 but even with the heat, the excitement of getting the furniture in and the artwork hung and the supplies put away trumped the dripping sweat from our brows.  Pat Demorest was there again today and that woman is a SAINT.  I can’t wait for you all to meet her.  She had my boys under foot for nearly the entire time she was there and she either didn’t mind or was afraid I would fire her if she said anything negative (just kidding of course, having raised 5 kids of her own, she knows how to tune people out when needed!).  My brother Tom was there all day finishing the assembly of the shelving units in the rooms with Mairen’s help and Chuck was there off and on (more on than off) cleaning and stocking the rooms.  Kevin of course wins the grand prize though….he was there hanging artwork all day and moving furniture….after having mounted and framed all the art, and choosing the pieces, and getting the stuff to hang it all up.  


Here are the final photos…the suite is done!  Well, done enough at least…..


2 Responses to “the final night and the new phone number!”

  1. Ann P Says:


    It looks fabulous! Allie was amazed when I showed her the pics. I am amazed that you pulled it off on schedule – you really do have great contractors & helpers! We can’t wait to see it in person on Thursday!


  2. Robyn Says:

    Oops. I’m dumb. I left a comment on a different entry and I wanted to leave it on this one…the office is GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to see it live in a few weeks. You totally pulled it off, it’s awesome!

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