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An amazing first week August 9, 2008

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What a great first week!  Although Monday was chaotic, by yesterday we were a finely oiled machine able to accommodate the 25 patients on the schedule with ease and friendly efficiency.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this week has been!  The group of folks I have around me makes each day better than the last and the vistas out the windows from up on the fourth floor are stunning.  Did you know that on the clear days you can see the Renaissance Center?!  

There were a few glitches, of course, including the fax server not working at all despite an all day attempt by my IT folks to remedy it and the lack of paper towels for the dispensers until Thursday (we used rolls of paper towels instead) and the fact that I completely forgot to order one vaccine (Prevnar) so we had none for the first week in action!  But the great stuff far outweighed the glitches and between my awesome e-MDs medical record, my fantastic new space that is cheerful and sunny and my staff who are genuinely working amazingly hard and well to ensure a great launch this has been a landmark week for me.  Even with the long hours, the chaos of Monday and the busy-ness of the week with appointments, I have never been so happy in my work life!

This amazing week was also punctuated with another big milestone.  Mairen left for camp early Wednesday morning and it was truly bittersweet for me.  I have never been the sort of mom that felt a loss or a wistful sadness when the kids marched off to school at any time.  I travel a fair amount and although I miss the kids when I am gone, I have never felt the sense of loss that I felt that morning.  She is going into 8th grade this fall and has been really excited about heading to Blue Lake for camp this summer and I have been really excited for her.  She was packed and ready to go in her uniform for camp when I came down to kiss her good-bye and wish her well….it hit me like a ton of bricks….she was so grown up all of a sudden….and for the first time I realized what most parents realize over and over again throughout their children’s lives: she won’t be with me forever.  At least not in this way, still pretty innocent, still wanting me near her (at times at least), still under my spell as her mother…..and I cried and cried after she walked out the door.  She didn’t see my tears, I guess I was embarrassed and I didn’t want her to have any mixed feelings about her first flight from the familial nest but I cried nonetheless!  Kevin drove her to camp, just north of Muskegon and got her settled in and was kind enough to call me in the afternoon to tell me how happy, excited and comfortable she was and the tears returned.  Isn’t this what we work toward as parents, independent kids who we trust will make good choices most of the time and are confident on their own?  I know it is and yet part of me still wanted her to need me in a way she doesn’t anymore.  Part of me wanted her to call and be just the slightest bit homesick.  The rest of me though is happy that she is happy, proud of her confidence and strength, and thrilled that she has begun to negotiate the world on her own.  

The boys kept me company this week with visits to the office almost every day to work as my janitors and did a bang up job which softened the blow of Mairen’s departure and we spent the day today taking a 5 mile walk, going horseback riding, and then shopping for some dress clothes for our trip next weekend to Mackinac Island.  Nice!

Tonight brings Declan’s movie night (High School Musical—which, believe it or not, none of us has seen yet) and the stunning awe of the Olympics.  For those of you who missed the opening ceremonies, go to NBC.com and watch some of it….it was remarkable and beautiful and decidedly human.  

Walk, eat pizza and watch the Olympics and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center    Phone: 248-816-2558



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  1. Molly way to go! Congratulations on your new office and I do look forward to watching it grow by leaps and bounds. The environment and “team” you have working with you seems to be awesome!

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