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Going out on a limb here…. August 14, 2008

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Ok here’s the personal ad:

Cute, happy 2 year old seeks nanny/babysitter for 3 days a week starting just after Labor Day.  Must have a good sense of humor and enjoy playing music and chasing me as I climb on the couch.  I have some special feeding requirements and am not a big talker yet but my personality will win you over.  Watch out though, I am pretty smart and like to solve problems like wiggling out the stroller. 

Ok for real now, I do have a terrific 2 year old boy in the practice who would love to hang out with a nanny/babysitter while his parents work.  He does get fed through a G-Tube and it is really easy to do (and a lot less messy than a 2 year old in a high chair!).  He has a ton of personality and is an incredibly happy child who only has a few words so far so he lets you know what he needs by smiling and giggling and showing you.  If anyone is able/interested/knows someone who would like to meet this little guy, email me at drmolly@birminghampediatrics.com and I will get you in touch with his mom.


Molly O’Shea, MD


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