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Dating myself August 16, 2008

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This was a marvelous second week in practice.  I have come to see that what makes work fun isn’t just the kids and their parents, not just my brothers and staff, nooo not by a long shot.  What makes work fun is jamming to the late 70s and early 80s music in the lab while we get ready in the morning and wind down at night.  There is nothing like a good song from Queen or the Who or ELO or even James Taylor to keep me moving and shaking.  Throw a little Madonna in the mix a cookie or two, some milk chocolate and you got yourself a version of Woodstock that was made for a women in her 40s.  You can just picture it….(cue the cheesy montage music and wildly happy synchronous singing and dancing a la Mamma Mia)….tapping out the notes on the laptop, singing along….what could be better!  Gimme a diet Pepsi, some Mini-Wheats, one little piece of chocolate every day and with the soundtrack goin in the background I can’t help but have a smile on my face.

I met a real live celebrity this week too….a little girl who is won a magazine cover photo contest at the tender age of 1 year old!  It was a thrill to see Frankie again this week.  Her parents rock and are incredibly fun to be with and even brought delicious cookies to congratulate me on the new opening.  Frankie was adopted from China and since she came home in the late spring, this girl has blossomed.  She is talking and walking and has such a winning personality you can’t help but smile when you are in the same room with her.  Her mom is an amazing writer and I love reading her blog about life with Frankie (www.codenbaby.blogspot.com) and practically fall off the couch laughing whenever I read an installment.  I feel like Frankie and her parents are old friends even though we have only seen each other a few times since I dutifully read her blog and knowing that her mom likes both Eminem and m & m’s makes us soul sisters.  Fun!  

Tomorrow I head to Blue Lake to pick up Mairen (soooo glad she’s coming home!) and then I am driving with her up to Mackinac Island to celebrate my in-laws 50th anniversary with Kevin’s family including his brother, sister in law and their kids who we haven’t seen in years.  I will be back on Tuesday night but am available by phone and the staff is in the office on Monday and Tuesday to help.  I had lined up a pediatrician to be in the office for a half day Monday and Tuesday and the person called and there was a death in her family and she had to go out of town too.  I was unable to get anyone else at the late date so I will handle as many of the sick issues as I can from afar.  I am working harder now on getting a deeper fill-in bench for me and with the way business is going, I may even be able to have another person in the office regularly anyway.  

I have actually sent claims out to the insurance companies (with more ready to go out on Monday) so there is a good chance I will not only make payroll but may even be able to buy a better sound system for the lab in the coming months…..soooo send me your favorite playlists!  I am interested in broadening my musical palate!

Happy weekend!

Find your personal soundtrack and each day will be your best!

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2 Responses to “Dating myself”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I just read this and almost fell out of my chair. I love that you love Frankie! We were so excited to come see you (sans the shot part of the visit, of course). We had a total blast at your office, and you don’t hear too many people say that about going to the Doctor. The new office is as colorful, warm and inviting as you are– and your staff rocks (esp your Mom).

    I’m so happy you and Frankie were finally reunited. I also think of her as a celebrity, and I live with her! She actually wasn’t picked to be on the cover of a mag, (but she should be!) she was picked to be in some coffee table book (and it’s probably a scam, who knows). I think it’s an honor just to be chosen and I would probably go the humble route, but she is bugging me for an agent and assistant. She’s unreal…XOXO

  2. Robyn Says:

    PS. I have a GREAT 70’s CD that I will have Cody burn for you. Frankie, Floyd and I listen to it on our rides back and forth to camp. You will “dig” it, get it? (I’m funny).

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