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‘We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things’ my new music obsession August 20, 2008

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AAAHHHHH Mackinac Island.  For those of you who haven’t been there I have just one word for you: GO!  We stayed for a few nights at the Grand Hotel and it was fantastic.  Between the 5 course gourmet meals, the ice cream socials and the Irish oatmeal and croissants at breakfast I gained some weight but thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.  We were there to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary and Kevin’s brother and his wife and kids came in from New York for the event as well.  It has been years since we have seen them and the kids are actually practically adults now.  The oldest is in college, the middle one is a senior in high school and the youngest is a sophomore.  What was most amazing was to watch the cousins together.  They have met only a couple of times and the last time was several years ago.  The boys idolized their cousin Eamonn who is an amazing LaCrosse player and despite his adolescent age of 15, couldn’t have been nicer to the boys.  He hung out with them, took them swimming, taught them how to play LaCrosse, sat with them at dinner and generally was a dream.  I hope that my boys will end up like him….not a surly, self-centered 15 year old but young men who are comfortable enough with themselves that they can enjoy and entertain the younger kids voluntarily.  NICE! 

On the way up, I picked up Mairen from camp (HOORAY!) and she chatted and chatted the whole 4 hour drive up to Mackinac.  She loved camp and made a ton of friends and although she was so tired she could hardly see straight she was aglow from the experience and noticably more mature and content in her own skin.  What a great experience!  I went to camp once as a middle schooler and HATED it.   I am sooo happy she loved it.  I think going away like this is a huge and important experience for kids.  It provides them an opportunity to be independent and stretch themselves in ways that are both comfortable and painful but encourage a sense of knowing themselves in a way little else can do.  Having caring counselors makes this all possible and Blue Lake seems to have gotten it right!  I am thrilled for Mairen!

On the way home from Mackinac, I was listening to an amazing album (yeah I know, not an album a cd) by Jason Mraz called ‘we sing, we dance, we steal things.’  It is melodic and soulful and his musicianship rocks.  He writes the lyrics and the music and has an amazing voice.  Take a listen…..


Today I was back at the office and things are really running smoothly now.  Jeni had her first day alone with me and did an amazing job!  We were largely on time and I even had a chance to do the revisions to the cash flow budget that I needed to.  If things keep going so well, I will have to actually start using the treadmill and elliptical at lunch as I had originally planned (YIKES!).

I must say that I am loving my life these days….the time on Mackinac with the family was amazing with great weather, a long bike ride, great food and reuniting with the New York O’Sheas.  Work is really going well and each day I meet new families and get to hear about summer vacations and plans for school this fall.  Of course work is great for me since Jeni or Pat or Maria gives all the shots!

Jam to Jason Mraz, read ‘The Hakawati’ and eat some fudge and each day will be your best!

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