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the check is in the mail August 29, 2008

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Today was a really exciting day.  Who knew getting the mail could be this exciting!  There was no Ed McMahon there to hand me the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes check (which I was absolutely convinced I would win every single year), but there was something almost as exciting….my first check from an insurance company!  For 15 years I have been a pediatrician and undoubtedly I have been receiving these sorts of checks every week for the entire time but this was the first time that I could hold the check in my hand.  You see in most practices, the billing staff gets the checks and posts the amounts to the patient accounts and then the check gets deposited in the bank.  Sure when I would see the practice bank account I knew that this represented the fruit of my labor and the labor of my partners but honestly I never held a check!  It was a thrilling experience see the checks today and even though the amount was small, it is the beginning of the new cash flow that will pay the rent and my staff and my bills and me (if I am lucky). 

Today was also the first pay day for my employees so the timing was perfect!  We all felt the financial reward of our work. 

In the excitement of the day, I also realized that I am by no means a professional biller….there were a ton of rejections and I can see that several of the claims that were paid will need to be appealed or some info resubmitted since they weren’t paid in full.  Good thing I have my on site e-MDs folks coming out next week!  Of course that means I have to clean the office…..

Enjoy the weather, the long weekend and the fruits of your labor and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center  248 816 2558



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