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slowing down (and that’s a good thing) September 3, 2008

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Whew!  I can actually sit for a few minutes during the day and write a blog.  Amazing!  Thank goodness school is back in session….that is giving me a little reprieve and my staff a well deserved week of catch up and just breathing room.  I have a humongous stack of vaccine records to enter, insurance payments to post (and refile and appeal), and bills to pay.  Good to finally have time to do this during the day! 

Yesterday I met with Jacquie Goetz who is heading up the PR for Marian High School’s 50th Anniversary celebration year.  I graduated from there in 1983 (that makes me almost 43 so you don’t all have to sweat it out doing the math) and feel still that my experience there was central to who I am today.  Jacquie is doing alumnae profiles and I was the first one since I am a blogger and local and Marian is trying to use a blog format to celebrate this year.  As we were chatting, I realized how happy I am in my work life.  She was asking about a typical day and even as I described the long hours, the many patients and the evenings spent doing billing or charting or administrative stuff I was smiling and happy.  It seemed incongruous that I could be enjoying this hectic time of a start-up with its long hours and incumbent stresses but I am very happy at work.  The practice is taking off nicely and I have new families to meet every single day.  It is both a source of pride and a joy to spend my days doing something I love. 

This weekend Kevin and I went out to dinner at the new Brian Polcyn restaurant in Birmingham on Forest street in the triangle district and the food was excellent.  I had veal cheek (yes it is exactly what it sounds like) and it was delicious.  The caesar salad I had as my first course and the tomato bisque in puff pastry that Kevin had were fantastic too.  What I liked most though was the intimate atmosphere of the place.  It felt like a neighborhood bistro but was modern and clean in its decor while remaining welcoming.   I have to admit though it took me a long time to relax and just enjoy the ambiance and the meal.  I have been on hyperdrive for the last few months and especially so the last few weeks and taking the time to slow down and enjoy a wonderful meal was a forgotten pleasure.  I also spent a lot of the weekend at the swim club soaking up the final rays of summer and swimming off and on.  Nice!

Today, Jamie from e-MDs is here from Austin to do our in-house training.  She is spending the day with Tom so he can learn the billing and posting stuff better and then will spend time with Paula and my mom before spending most of the day tomorrow with me.  Tom’s office is a mess (just like mine) and I don’t know how they are getting anything done in there but it seems to be going well……my hope is that by the end of tomorrow, Tom will take over all of the billing…..let’s hope so….then I might actually get to enjoy a few more dinners!

Eat great food, listen to Jason Mraz, and spend time slowing down with the ones you love and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center  248 816 2558



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