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Jaime and a treadmill make for a GREAT day September 4, 2008

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Jaime from e-MDs has been on site for the last two days to guide us in the world of scheduling, billing, charting, messaging and collecting copays and she is AMAZING.  She is quiet and unassuming but incredibly competent and easy to have around.  She single handedly taught Tom the ins and outs of posting payments from insurers, scanning documents to charts, building invoices, updating the fee schedule and taught Paula and my mom how to collect copayments and post them, how to use the messaging system in the office to expedite things and how to print chart stuff parents may want.  Jaime also taught me how to make shortcuts within the chart module so I won’t have to write the same stuff over and over and how to resolve lab orders and change whether a lab or procedure is ‘in house’ or ‘send out’.  The timing having her here was perfect.  We were done with our swamped busy phase and all had used the system for just about a month so we knew enough that she wasn’t starting from scratch but we had real skills and deficits and real questions.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I picked up the mail only to discover that even though I have been a UnitedHealthCare provider for years and sent them my change information in June, they screwed up and don’t recognize me as a network provider.  My mom spent 3 hours (literally) on the phone with them today trying to get this straightened out and it seems I am in their system and they have all the right info but there is one more step that they have yet to do.  Ironically the ‘rapid response’ team at UHC was neither rapid nor particularly responsive since they said they would have to turf this issue to others.  AARRGGHH.  For all of you UHC patients, worry not.  We will hold off the billing (now that we know they will reject the claims anyway) until the issue is resolved.  

Since the days have gotten a bit lighter right now, I had time today to hop on the treadmill at work for the first time and run for a half hour.  I forgot how much I love it!  It was liberating and invigorating and I just love having a shower in the office too so I can do the work out and get ready to see patients again in well under an hour.  NICE!  

The work day ended with a home visit….a real treat!  I haven’t had the opportunity to do them much since the office opened and I remember why I like them so much.  I could enjoy watching the kids run around and play while the parents and I talked.  

Tomorrow brings another day, still quieter than last month and that may even give me the chance to run again.

Run, run, and run and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center  248 816 2558



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