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Indulgence September 9, 2008

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Today was a day filled with food.  Yummy food.  Delicious food.  Fattening food.  After seeing the baby I needed to see at Troy Beaumont, I headed to the office where Jeni had put out a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I couldn’t be RUDE so I ate 7 of them.  Right there.  On the spot.  Lucky for me that there was a whole other plate of cookies left over from Samantha Henderson (www.samanthascookies.com) who brought a demo plate over of the cookies she will be sending out to the referring docs I work with.  Three cookies were left from yesterday and after scanning around to make sure no one was looking, I ate one, then two then three.  Of course I never eat a whole cookie all at once, that would seem too gluttonous so instead I break the cookie into smaller pieces and tell myself that I will just have one piece.  RIGHT….I keep going back and taking another and another until they are all gone.  After that delicious (and nutritious) breakfast I did work hard and then met a new friend for lunch.  

Robyn and I met at Elie’s in Birmingham.  We both love middle eastern food (although not kibbee as it turns out) and decided to meet there.  I hadn’t been there since they remodeled after getting their bistro license.  They now sell beer and wine and I have even heard they have live belly dancing on the weekends.  The place is pretty glam.  Robyn thought it was glamorous enough to give a strip club a run for its money.  At first I thought this was a slam but apparently Robyn only goes to really swanky strip clubs so this was a complement!  We had a great time chatting about our kids, our lives, our work, music and at the end of the lunch, I put Robyn in charge of shopping for stuff for me.  See I don’t love shopping….never really have….and Robyn LOVES it.  She has a company called Pronto Promotions in Southfield (www.prontopromotions.com) and she is going to fix me up with some fleece jackets, pens, first aid kits and shirts with my logo.  Robyn and I met when she and her husband Cody adopted their daughter in the spring and started seeing me.  Robyn has also been a blogger (http://codenbaby.blogspot.com) and is a great writer.  I feel I know her even though we have only met a few times and she is funny and beautiful and smart and a savvy business woman.  

Truth is back in the old days (say six months ago) I wouldn’t have imagined that a ‘cool woman’ like Robyn would really have anything in common with me…or perhaps more accurately, I wouldn’t have imagined a geek like me would be on the possible lunch list of a cool woman like this.  Is this middle school angst or what?!  Turns out we really did enjoy each other.  I didn’t feel quite as uncool as I thought I would….I guess I am actually growing up.  My good friend Liz (also a cool girl) has been telling me for years that I have to let go of this whole middle school world view but old habits die hard.  I guess Liz was right!  Best part was that I was just me, not ‘cool me’ or ‘trying to impress me’ and I could tell that Robyn was genuine too.  NICE!

So back to the eating….I had amazing lentil soup, chicken shawarma, couscous, hummus, and pita bread and returned to work full and happy.  Lucky for me, I had a window of time between my last patient and my ‘meet the doctor’ appointment to get a 25 minute treadmill run in.  That at least worked off one cookie!  On days like this, I just go with it.  Most days I don’t have an insatiable appetite and most days I have huge willpower but today I just loved indulging my sweet tooth and my hummus addiction.  Tomorrow I will be back on the eat healthy band wagon and please, don’t tell my kids I had cookies for breakfast!

Eat, make new friends, and run and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center  248 816 2558



2 Responses to “Indulgence”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Dr. Molly for President. That’s all I have to say… 🙂 🙂

  2. Amy Says:

    you are one of the ‘coolest’ people I know…..Don’t sell yourself so short! 😉

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