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Bees, say ‘cheese!’, and memories September 24, 2008

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What a gorgeous day!  At lunch today I met Robyn (of codenbaby blogspot and pronto promotions fame) at our new hangout, Elie’s in Birmingham.  We were sitting at a cozy table just barely inside the restaurant and there was this bee that wouldn’t leave Robyn alone.  She’s sitting there, lookin cute and eating her chicken shwarma and this bee seems to think her lunch is the nectar of the gods and keeps coming back for more.  Lucky for us this doesn’t have a bad ending just an annoying bee distracting us as we chat about life’s ups and downs.  The little bee though is like a lot of things that have happened over the last week, annoying but not nearly enough to spoil the joy and fun of the day. 

Today was picture day at school for the boys.  Bear in mind that I have the world’s cutest children, so without a doubt these photos will be fodder for ooooos and aaahhhhs for years to come.  When I got home tonight, I asked the boys to smile for me like they did for their picture and Declan decided not to show his teeth.  He looks like a kid who just ate an entire King Don in one bite and is trying to hide the evidence!  Oh brother.  Conall also claims he kept his lips closed when he smiled but since he doesn’t have many adult teeth yet, he just looked sorta stunned or a little angry.  Can’t wait to see the real shots.

I am not a believer in re-takes.  I think that one of the important things about childhood is to remember it as it actually was not as it was supposed to be.  Easy for me to say since I have successfully blocked out nearly all of my childhood memories and there are only a smattering of photos to place me in the scenes of life as a kid.  I hope my kids have good memories of their young years and even look back on these photos which are bound to be less than Normal Rockwell perfect and remember that this is who they were at that moment and allow the reality of the photo to trigger real memories, good and bad and neutral about their lives as kids. 

My husband has a terrific memory of his childhood.  He recalls small details of the life he lead, the city he lived in, the beach where he swam as a child, his friends and family and shares these memories with me often.  I envy him.  I envy not only his memory but the fact that he sees his childhood as a real time, one filled with good things and the occasional bad thing.  I don’t have that sort of memory.  I have brief glimpses back to that time and even photos don’t trigger a flood of memories.  I hope my children have vivid memories of the time they spend riding their bikes around the block and forming the Indiana Jones Club and writing a poem at the bus stop on a cool fall day.  I also hope they remember the challenges and disappointments, not to be scarred by them to but to see the strength they have derived from facing them head on.  I hope that when a bee joins them at lunch, they will see both the beautiful day and the annoying bee and still enjoy everything about it.

See the world as it is, love the good and the bad and the mediocre and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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