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Friday night lights September 26, 2008

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I get it.  I really get it. 

Tonight, Declan and Conall and I went to the Seaholm varsity football game against Farmington.  I had never been to a high school football game (other than my senior year girls powderpuff game) before.  Remember, I was a geek even in high school and going to Marian (an all girls school) made avoiding the hullaballoo of high school football that much easier.  I actually really enjoy watching football and went to a lot of games at Michigan when I was there for undergrad and med school but high school football games seemed somehow too ‘cool’ for a geek like me back then.  

Tonight I saw what I had missed.  The game was great to watch (even though Seaholm lost) and my nephew Charley was suited up for the varsity squad for the first time (he’s a sophomore).  My kids were thrilled to see him in his uniform and loved watching the game.  Besides the game, Seaholm has an amazing band that played during time outs and a halftime, and in the stands were a ton of neighbors and friends.  The boys found a bunch of classmates to hang out with and they were easily entertained when the game failed to keep them interested.  It felt like a giant community party.  The grade school aged kids were trolling for empty pop cans, a la homeless people, collecting them for the money.  The middle school kids were strolling in packs of girls and guys giggling or acting cool and only very occasionally watching the game, too busy checking each other out.  The high school kids were either very interested in the game (very few) or gathered in loose groups talking and fluidly moving from group to group.  I loved the festivity of it all and the feeling of community.  

The funny thing is that I knew a ton of the kids and parents there from a variety of different parts of life and as I watched the boys playing on the field, I could picture them as little kids and seeing the boys out there running and passing and blocking and tackling and kicking like a ‘real’ team amazed me.  I guess they really are going to become adults…..

Tonight was a terrific first high school football game for me and it will not be the last!

Get a first down, eat a hot dog, and enjoy a beautiful fall evening and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “Friday night lights”

  1. Robyn Says:

    That is so cool that you went to the game. We actually drove by Seaholm on our way home from dinner on Friday night and started talking about how A) we can’t wait until Wed because the show “FNL” will be back on and B) how old we are going to be when FJ is in high school (depressing). I hope I’m not too brittle because I’m going to have to dodge all the damn bees that follow me from Elie’s!

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