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Ghosted October 19, 2008

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When I was a kid the week before Halloween was filled with mischief.  I was one of those kids who was actually afraid on Devil’s Night even though I lived about 20 miles from the fires and gunshots of Detroit.  I remember going out on October 30th when I was in seventh or eighth grade.  Devil’s Night fell on a weekend that year and some kids in my class had an impromptu party.  A bunch of guys and girls went out after dark and put toilet paper in trees and some of the more mischievous kids egged houses.  I was scared to death the whole time but went anyway because I didn’t want to seem any more nerdy than I already was.  Of course nothing bad happened, no grand theft auto, no destruction of property, but it highlights how different life is now for my kids.

On Friday night, while we were sitting in the den, the doorbell rang and when we got to the door, no one was there.  Instead there was a bag of candy with a piece of paper with a picture of a ghost on it.  The note said to tape the ghost to our door and then ‘ghost’ three other houses in the neighborhood.  If your door has a paper ghost, you’ve been hit and you won’t be ghosted again.  My kids had fun trying to figure out who ghosted us and then on Saturday night, Declan, Conall, Kevin and I went out after dark and ghosted our kids’ friends.  The night was gorgeous with the stars shining and the air crisp.  We walked about a mile overall and watching the boys sneaking up on the doorsteps, ringing and running.  It was terrific.  

There is something magical about the fall with its cool nights and sunny, crisp, clear days.  Playing football in the yard, raking leaves, even cleaning the garage out for the coming winter feels refreshing.  It is the season of candy and apples and sweatshirts and hot chocolate and rustling leaves.  I am cooking a lot, knitting some and watching the new season of ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Amazing Race’ and loving the change of seasons.  I had two more newborns this weekend, one at each of the two hospitals, and as I drove between them, the colors of the leaves were bright and happy and kept me smiling as I sung along to Jason Mraz.  

Tomorrow I am mailing out my first patient statements…..another business milestone!  

Enjoy the leaves, sleep soundly, and drink hot chocolate and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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