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Fall stroll and HSM 3! November 2, 2008

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Can a nearly 43 year old woman admit that she loves High School Musical and not seem like a complete boob?  Well, I am coming out of the closet and admitting it!  I talked the kids into going with me this afternoon to the 4:30 showing and LOVED it.  Declan really wanted to go (and LOVED it) and Mairen and Conall were polite and came along for the fruit punch ICY and popcorn but afterwards they grudgingly admitted they both liked it too.  Conall’s friends had told him that all the HSM movies were ‘stupid’ but since he hadn’t seen either of the other two, I encouraged him to make his own decision.  After the movie I downloaded the music and who was the first to ask for his own CD?  Conall!  I have a convert!  

The movie is of course hokey in a G-rated way but the music was terrific, the choreography and staging truly fantastic and I have to admit a secret crush on Zac Ephron ever since I saw him in ‘Hairspray’.   Where’s ‘Teen Beat’ when you need it?  Remember the posters of Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy?  Ahhh the good ol’ days!  

Another highlight of the matinee was that the ad I took out at the Palladium that shows on the slides before the movie comes on (along with the cosmetic dentists and surgeons and screenvision quizzes) was on our screen and we saw it!  It looked great!  It is showing on half the screens at the Palladium three times before each movie starts!  It was exciting to see it on the big screen.  Special shout out to Kay Griswold who took the photo (and about 30 others).  She is AMAZING!  She also works at Seeger People in Birmingham if you are in need of a good family photo or shots of the kids.  

To start the day, I took my first outdoor run from my house to the Greek Islands to meet my brothers for breakfast.  The weather was perfect: sunny and about 38 when I started off.  It is only about a mile and a half away (although with the hills it felt like a marathon) but even with that short distance, my asthma really kicked up and I coughed for the first half hour I was there.  My apologies to anyone else there since I seemed to be coughing a lung up…..Anyhoo, I decided I would just walk home and on my way I took a bunch of photos.  Here are a few:

Hard to believe such beauty is all found in my neighborhood!

Take a stroll, swoon over Zac Ephron, and eat a lot of movie popcorn and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “Fall stroll and HSM 3!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    My daughter loved your ad! Each time your slide scrolled across the big screen, Aster exclaimed, “That’s my doctor!” It made the HSM3 movie extra special, especially since she new someone. :o)

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