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All natural treatment for frostbite and a party weekend! December 21, 2008

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Yesterday was the first really cold day of the season with temperatures failing to even hit the freezing mark and wind chills making it feel below zero.  So, of course, this is the day I decided to take my kids sledding.  We all donned long johns and pants and snow pants and turtlenecks and sweaters and coats and scarves and hats and gloves and boots and yet about three minutes after we hiked to the top of the hill at Beverly Park, Declan began to complain that he was cold.  Now bear in mind Declan doesn’t like to sled much anyway but three minutes?  I ignored him for a while and then tried distraction and finally firm reminders that we weren’t leaving for awhile and his complaining wouldn’t get him anywhere.  Then the real complaining began.  He began telling me that his fingers and toes were “frozen solid” and that he had frostbite “for sure” and “what sort of doctor would let her son get frostbitten”.  That was what finally got me.  We were not alone on that hill and I was chatting with David S. an old friend and father to two of my patients and decided that I could no longer stand the whining and complaining (in front of someone I knew no less).  So off to the car we trudged as the other kids continued for a few more runs.  The entire walk to the car was painful (for both of us) as he cried and complained with every step that his feet were about to “crack and fall off.”  As soon as I got the car running, “High School Musical 2” started playing and miraculously Declan was complaining no more!  Who knew that “High School Musical” could cure frostbite?!  It was such an important discovery, I felt I had to share this all natural cure for cold temperature tissue damage! 

After sledding and horseback riding, we came home and our good friends, the Edwards, came over for dinner.  They have two kids Mairen and Declan’s ages and Chris and Christy are fantastic friends.  With the hubbub of getting the office up and running, I haven’t seen these friends in months.  Kevin and the kids have seen them a few times but I was always unavailable.  What a great and relaxing evening it was.  I had some soup in the freezer which we cooked, a ham and some ice cream for dessert.  Simple and delicious. 

Today was a busy day.  We hosted the first annual Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center Christmas party at our house from 4-7 and we spent the day prepping for it.  We invited all of the folks from the office and their families to come and it was a terrific group.  We all gelled nicely and visited with each other.  It is great entertaining now that the kids are older.  They love being hosts for other kids and I love the fact that our house is big enough that they can go off and play and the adults can hang out together.  Tonight’s party was fun in part because I didn’t go crazy cooking everything from scratch.  I got some hot appetizers from Costco and made some cookies and some mulled wine.  Easy.  Relaxed.  Fun.

Oh and Amy wants me to mention that the staff thinks I’m awesome.  I figure that’s the champagne punch talking!

Open your house to friends, treat your frostbite with loud ballads from Troy and Gabriella, and eat a ton of food and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “All natural treatment for frostbite and a party weekend!”

  1. Amy Says:

    thanks!!! you deserve a gigantic pat on the back for everything you do for everyone you know!

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