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New Year’s Resolutions December 28, 2008

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bellydance1img_00461Every year between Christmas and New Years I give consideration to what my New Year’s resolutions will be.   My resolutions have ranged from the predictable ‘lose 10 pounds’ and ‘read more books’ to the obscure ‘complete a triathlon’ and ‘learn to make homemade puff pastry’.  Sometimes my resolutions are more personal like ‘call my mom more’ or ‘meditate to learn if it brings me a sense of peace’.  

This year my resolutions seem especially hard to come up with.  I don’t know if I am just too tired of trying new things since I started my own practice this year and dealt with the challenges of a painful ‘divorce’ of sorts from my old practice or if I am perfect already (HA!).  Since I know that life continues to present plenty of opportunities for personal insight (whether I want them or not) maybe I am just feeling a little lazy and want to let the surprises that are inevitable be my road map to personal growth.  

In my opinion, New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to be about personal growth.  They aren’t about being a better doctor or sister or mother but are meant to help me find out more about myself and in learning this, improve my life every day.  My relationships will be more genuine and real, my motivations true to who I am, my successes and failures less important that the journey itself. 

Some of the considerations on this year’s list are:

Make a real family dinner at least once a week.

Race two or three triathlons this summer.

Learn to bellydance.

Keep in closer touch with my friends (and not just by reading their updates on facebook!)

Finish the sweater I started two months ago.

Write every day.

Of these, I think that writing every day, training for triathlons, and learning to bellydance are the ones that hold out the best hope of actually getting done.  The others are actually more challenging for me in many ways and let’s face it, if I have had this much trouble even coming up with a list, chances are the ‘hard’ ones are going to be the first to fall by the wayside.  Of course if I actually spent as much time following through on my resolutions as I do considering what they will be I might be better off! 

Learn about yourself, challenge yourself, and be true to yourself and each day will be your best.

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



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