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Watch out Steven Spielberg! January 5, 2009

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Conall is making a movie.  Yep that’s right, my almost 8 year old was so inspired by the Indiana Jones series that he has decided to make a movie of his own.  He and his best friend Dominic are in cahoots and are busy plotting the scenes and writing the script.  Declan and Dominic’s brother Martin and sister Mia will also be acting in the movie and I will serve as producer and cameraman. 

At first I thought this movie plan was going to be a one day thing.  You know how things happen in the life of an almost eight year old boy, he thinks of a fantastic idea and then spends the next day or two talking incessantly about his plan until the excitement wears off and he moves on to the next thing.  This idea seems to have a longer life though.  Several scenes have been written, rehearsals have begun and costuming is well underway. 

Tonight Conall and Declan showed me their first few scenes and although they were all action (why the two were sword fighting and wrestling wasn’t clear).  They were well choreographed and consistently played.  The movie is about two detectives (Conall and Dominic) who have a run in with two criminals (Declan and Martin).  It seems that the whole purpose of the movie is to have action scenes since all I have heard about so far are a bike chase which Conall spent the better part of the day trying to convince me should be done without helmets (he lost), a scene with sword fighting, another with wrestling and an Indiana Jones-like whip, and yet another involving play guns.   Deciding to allow toy guns was really tough for me.  Kevin and I talked a long time about it.  He felt less strongly than I did but he too had concerns about allowing play guns in the house.  We ultimately agreed to allow a toy gun or two but I made a lot of rules about the guns.  The kids have agreed that the gun may not be pointed at a person or animal, ever.  It can only be used to pretend to shoot out tires.  No threatening or pointing the gun at anyone else or the toy guns go in the trash. I am still not sure I made the right decision……

Anyhoo, the biggest hitch to doing the movie is the fact that we don’t own a digital camcorder.  We have a tape camcorder but since Mairen is doing the soundtrack digitally, we want to be able to edit it digitally.  I guess while Conall gets his coveted toy gun, I will get my coveted digital camcorder.  Win-win?

Indulge your kids’ creativity, be amazed by their ideas, and record it for posterity and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “Watch out Steven Spielberg!”

  1. Kathleen Moltz MD Says:

    I think it is the age. My Ayla (8 1/2) is also busy writing a movie. More Sci Fi, space stuff with social commentary on similarities and differences between people.

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