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It really is February February 9, 2009

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February is usually a very busy month for me.  It is the height of the RSV and influenza seasons at the office, Declan, my father, father-in-law, two nephews, and two very close friends celebrate birthdays, and the kids have a week off of school.  This year Kevin is leaving town for a couple of days during the week the kids are off to attend a the ACA National Camp Conference for our home business CampRx and I am scrambling to figure out what the kids will do on those days.  For the first time I am feeling like I am doing a triathlon…..I love each part of the event and the thrill of the race but when I am swimming that last 100 meters, or biking the last mile, or running the final few feet I can’t help but think I must be crazy to have done this!  Of course when I finish the course, beaming and happy, I feel a huge sense of both relief and accomplishment.  I know that when March dawns I will share those same sentiments.   And after a day or two off, the biking and running and swimming will start all over again.

Declan had his friends’ party this weekend.  He’s in fourth grade and invited two girls and two boys to come out to dinner and to see Pink Panther 2 to celebrate his birthday.  Let me tell you, girls and boys are really on different planets at this age (and maybe all ages!).  The girls were very nice but seemed so old!  They were talking about Abercrombie and lip gloss while the boys were talking about passing gas and bakugan.  The really fun thing though is that despite the ocean of difference between them, they really did enjoy each other and had a terrific time.  Very nice!

Tonight I am trying to fend off a migraine….this isn’t the month for a migraine!

Find a little reason to smile even on the busiest day, enjoy the ride that is February, and get lots of sleep and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



One Response to “It really is February”

  1. Katie D Says:

    If you want to send the kids to Fla for the break – or part of it- just let us know. Are there any cheap flights to and from Panama City airport? We could take care of the rest.



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