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Do as I say, not as I do February 21, 2009

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Ok, I have a confession to make…..tonight I made my kids finish their dinner even though it goes against every piece of advice I give parents about feeding their kids.  You see, I had told the kids at lunchtime that we would have Jet’s Pizza for dinner (our family fav) and then when we came home from riding and the hour-long drive in the blizzard, I was pooped and went upstairs and took a nap.  When I woke up around 530, Kevin had already put potatoes in the oven and so we had baked potatoes for dinner.  This is not the boys favorite you see and since they were eager to eat the pizza, their cries of stomach ache and lack of hunger didn’t ring true.  Soooo being the world’s best mom (and world reknowned pediatrician) I told them to eat up!  If they were hungry for pizza, they were just making excuses and to get a move on already!  The potato wasn’t going to evaporate after all! 

And so they did.  They slogged through the baked potato and drank their milk with continuing protests and finally they were done.  I did the dishes and while I was humming ‘Fabulous’ from High School Musical 2, Conall threw up.  Yep.  Super.  He almost made it to the toilet.  Almost.  After cleaning him up and the vomit strewn bathroom, all seemed well.  To be honest, a little part of me still wondered if he made himself throw up.  He has reflux so vomiting is pretty easy for him.  BAD MOM! 

Anyhoo, the rest of the evening went as usual and the boys got ready for bed.  Then about an hour after Declan went to sleep, he threw up too.  Everywhere.  All over his bed and room and him.  While he showered, we stripped the bed and cleaned the carpet and started the laundry and remade the bed.  He’s now asleep, as is Conall and no more vomiting has happened as of yet. 

I guess Conall wasn’t ‘working it’ after all.  Talk about mom-guilt!  This was almost as bad as the mom/doctor-guilt I felt after Declan fell out of the top bunk in the middle of the night when he was still sharing a room with Conall.  I went in, didn’t even turn on the light since Conall was still asleep, and despite Declan’s wails (he can be dramatic after all), I shoved an advil in his mouth, kissed him and told him to go back to sleep.  In the light of day the next morning, his mangled arm told a different story and off to the ER we went for his cast. 

Soooo even though I give GREAT advice, I don’t always follow it…..SUPER…..

Clean up vomit, believe your kids when they say they aren’t hungry (at least most of the time), and don’t serve potatoes for a month or so and each day will be your best!

Molly O’Shea, MD  Birmingham Pediatrics + Wellness Center



3 Responses to “Do as I say, not as I do”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks for reminding us that we are all human and make the best decisions we can at the time even if, in retrospect, they don’t look like very good decisions. I needed that today!

  2. Valerie Says:

    Thank you for this! It’s nice to know that even the highly admired, highly educated, very together pediatrician has ‘bad mom’ days, too!

  3. Amber Says:

    Hahaha. Not laughing at you but with you. That is a funny story. Thanks for sharing and admitting you are a member of the mommy club (not above it). I know being a teacher, I don’t always practice what I preach. I mean well, though.

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