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Geeks: Old friends and new December 17, 2009

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Old friends. Not friends who are old, mind you, but friends who have been a part of my life since I was a kid.  A young kid. A geeky kid. They knew me and liked me long before I even really liked myself.

Tonight I met Maureen and Katie D. for a drink at Forte in Birmingham and reminisced about a bit about our old high school days. I remember the short-lived TV show ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and felt then as I do now that the gradations of ‘cool’ in high school were amazingly complex. Lucky for me, I found a group of other geeky girls who spent their summers programming computers with punch cards and doing science experiments at Lawrence Tech. These same geek-friends are now adults like me with families and careers and our love of computers and math and science has become mainstream. I am not sure we will ever be mainstream though and that is more than ok with us.

At my core, I am still a geeky nerd. I love technology and science and learning new things. I have yet to feel truly comfortable at a big party. I would rather cook and knit and blog and hang out with my computer than go to a movie premier. I rarely wear makeup and you can rarely find me dressed up. In this vein, our office holiday party is a bowling outing with prizes for the cheesiest holiday outfit and a gift exchange that promises to be full of snuggies and chia pets.  We will drink beer and eat pizza and smell horribly of cigarette smoke even though none of us smokes and you know what? It will be really fun! I love the folks I work with and we have dubbed our office ‘the island of misfit toys’ from the holiday classic ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ and the name really fits. Nice to have found another group of geeky nerds to spend my adult years with!

I know what you are thinking: Dr. Stacey is so beautiful and cool and Nurse Practitioner Lori is clearly a popular girl so how can I still call this the island of misfit toys? Little do you know but they too have a geeky soft inside and even though they may have have a ‘cooler’ look, they are a part of the island and are genuinely loved and they love the island too. Thanks to Tom and Mrs. Tom (as Paula was dubbed by a sweet four year old today), Cinzia, Pat, Jeni, Maria, Kathy, Robin, Val, Michelle, Stacey, Lori, and Chuck for making my geeky work life a joy. Everyday.

Connecting with friends new and old, who share a world view that is slightly off center makes for a wonderful life. Tomorrow night’s bowling extravaganza promises to be a blast!


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