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Demolition of the new house underway May 15, 2011

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It’s been an exciting time lately! Just over a year ago the kids and I moved into a great house we have been renting near Seaholm and had fallen in love with the neighbors and the street itself. I love hearing the band playing and the football or baseball games from the back yard but as many good things this too is coming to an end. Although I am sad to leave my neighbors, I am excited to be moving into a permanent place at the end of June near Lincoln Hills golf course (just about half a mile away) and we are in the midst of renovating it before we move in.

This weekend was “Demolition Weekend” and friends and family came over to disassemble the cabinets, take down a wall between the kitchen and living room, and remove all the paneling in the family room. Heat ducts and electrical needed to be moved, glue from the tiles needed to be scraped off, soffits undone, cabinets removed, carpet and padding and tacks removed in preparation for the hardwood floors that are going to be installed next week. It was a lot of work but we got most of it done! With the Gallucci demolition crew (Tony, his brothers and dad), my brother Tom and friend Kay we set to work. By the end of the day Saturday we had the family room paneling out, a window removed, the carpet and padding out, the wall nearly done and the kitchen cabinets out. Whew! A giant pile of splintered wood with sharp nails and stinky carpet lay strewn all over the garage but at least the rooms were somewhat cleared!

After a relaxing night out with friends seeing a comedy show at Go Comedy in Ferndale, we returned to the scene of the crime today to finish up the work. All the fun stuff was done yesterday….nothing left for a sledge hammer or even a reciprocating saw to do so we spent the day with needle nose pliers, hammers, and string taking out carpet padding staples, hammering down nails in the demolished wood and combining them in bundles with string to ready them for trash day. Strange how fun and even oddly sexy it all seems on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, in real life it’s a little different. Lots of dust and broken saw blades, and searching all over the place for the one flat head screwdriver we all have to share was our experience. No great music or heart string pulling stories to share, just sweat and loud hammering and the buzz of a saw ringing in our ears. You never see anyone with tiny tack tools kneeling on the floor moving one inch at a time to remove 10 million carpet padding staples from a subfloor on TV. Nothing sexy about that.

All in all though we made a huge amount of progress and even though there’s a little more electrical to do, a stud to replace (not a guy, a wood stud), and a vent to move we got a ton done.

Last week I spent my day off at Acorn Kitchen and Bath (the contractor we chose to install the kitchen and redo the master bathroom)having a marathon session with Lori and Joe and I chose all the cabinets, granite, faucets, tile for the bathroom, sinks, toilet, vanity, and fixtures and we will be ready for their end of the project to start as soon as the materials are in! Joe D’Angelo and Lori Salinas have been great to work with and with a tight schedule (I have to be in by June 30th) and a tight budget and they’ve been working hard to make sure we stay on target. I’m looking forward to working with them more as the install phase begins in a few weeks!

I’ll still be spending evenings and weekends at the house doing little things like taking down curtains and wire closet organizers but we are off to a great start! Now if anyone has ideas for a 1954 bathroom with peachy/tan tile that isn’t coming down I’d love to hear ’em!


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